Cheese and Onion Scone Recipe (2024)


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Needs a lot more milk

Cheese & Onion scones is just the best recipe, always make them to impress and always do. Grid Kiwi food

Absolutely delicious

definitely add more milk, great recipe tho turned out yum (added paprika and Cajun seasoning because why not haha)

definitely add more milk, great recipe tho turned out yum (added paprika and Cajun seasoning because why not haha)

Made these in my fan oven, Tasted really nice but they did not rise . Disappointed. Will try again.

Added 1/2 C Milk - really delicious and so easy

I saw the comments about the milk so made note of it when making these scones.
They were really nice. I added a bit of garlic and onion powder, which was quite tasty. Will make these again. They were nice and fluffy. Baked them on fan between 180 and 200 for the 15mins.

I love this recipe it is the best

This needs a cup of milk

Yummy used chives and red onion aged cheese(stronger flavour) sprinkled various cheeses over the top

Milk listed isn't enough to make the dough. A cup rather than a quarter is needed. Other than that a great recipe

Average had to add a more milk .

Didn’t rise at all, go for the Edmonds cook book recipe.

Thank you for this, I am going to a kids party, will make these for the adults.

simple to make
not sure how it tastes yet
in bed with hot puffy scones and marmalade hopefully!!!
not to forget the xpresso coffee!!!
blue mountain coffee

Super easy recipe to follow. Although I used twice the amount of milk and they didn’t rise as much otherwise they’re delicious.

Needs a lot more milk but otherwise delicious.

Very easy recipe to follow. But used half a cup of milk. Very delicious and didn't last long after they came out of the oven. Chose this recipe as my supermarket didn't have any baking powder available. Will definitely bake these again.

I made these gluten free with baking mix. Needed extra milk but came out delicious. My non coeliac husband was impressed.

Recipe is incorrect. There is no way 1/4 cup of milk is correct. I used 2-3 times more than this to make a dough. Enjoyed scones though.

Wasn't a huge fan of this recipe. Mine didn't seem to rise and my mixture was very sticky so had to add more flour to be able to knead and roll it out. If I tried again I'd try more baking powder and hope they rise.

Why no baking powder but all other scone recipes have baking power ????
CHELSEA SUGAR: Hi there, this recipe uses self-raising flour (which is a combination of plain flour and baking powder), so there is no need to add baking powder separately.

Very good recipe except for the milk. I about a cup and a bit of milk to make it more soft. Works well with spring onions. Yummy!

I thought it served 8 small rounds but I did have to make my own self-raising flour, so it could have been that. Else, I would have doubled mixture.


like everyone i added 1/2 a cup of milk, i also added 1/2 a cup of feta and 1/2 a cup of normal cheese, tsp of smoked paprika, a clove of garlic and put a little bit of parmasion on top so they have a nice crispy top. eat within 2 days for the best flavor. they are very crispy on the outside and thick on the inside, they defintly need the stronger cheese and garlic for flavor. enjoy!

Loved it but like everyone else I increased the milk to 3/4 cup, 1/2 onion, pinch cayenne p, put the baking tray in at the same time of heating the oven so to have a hot tray, left the temp at 220c. Baked 14 min. They turned out fantastic.

Mine turned out perfectly and looked like the one in the image. They were fluffy on the inside with a nice light crunch on the outside. I modified mine a little though. Like the others I also needed to use about a half-cup of (very cold) milk. I also used mozzarella and cooked them in the airfryer for about 10 mins at 180 degrees. They were very popular.

Very very dry and didn't rise. They are like little rocks with A LOT of onion. Also added some Cayenne pepper for a little heat.


Ver tasty. Definitely 1 cup of milk not half and oven temp too high I would drop to 200c fan forced. But that's my oven.

These were delicious. I wanted to eat them all. Thanks

Definitely used at least twice the amount of milk for this scone recipe. They turned out great.

Very very dry, took a long time to cook and 1/4 milk wasn’t nearly enough.

Very easy to make and tasty. Definitely put more milk at least 1/2 cup. And bake at 220C.

Liquid milk completely wrong which can ruin the scones as you may over mix. I added 1/2 cup approx. also bake 220C.

Love this recipe always wanted for myself thanks for putting it up

The amount of liquid is wrong for the dry ingredients. I ended up putting in twice as much.

Great recipe, just doesnt say what temp to bake the scones at im guessing around 180 ?

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Cheese and Onion Scone Recipe (2024)


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