Free Printable 100 Days Of School Coloring Pages (2024)

Free Printable 100 Days Of School Coloring Pages (1)

Time really flies! New Year had just commenced a few days back, and it’s time to finish school. But before that, you have to celebrate the 100th day of school, which is no less than a holiday for students. To celebrate the 100 days of school, and to give you people a little break, we’ve got you free printable 100 days of school coloring pages. You can check out our listing of the 100th day of school coloring pages below and can even print them out for free. This article doesn’t just include 100 days of school coloring sheets, but also 100 days of school worksheets and activity sheets. So peep on!

Free Printable 100 Days Of School Coloring Pages

  1. 100 Days Of Reading:

Here’s a fun 100 days of school coloring page, which depicts how children spent their first 100 days reading. It shows a little girl learning her alphabet and the other boy enjoying what he’s reading. It’s a perfect coloring page for preschoolers.

  1. 100 Days Of School Color By Direction:

This 100 days of school coloring page features the number 100 with 100 elements to color in. However, you need to color the elements according to the color guide featured in the picture.

  1. I’m Hundreds Days Smarter:

This grizzly bear is hugely excited to have completed 100 days in school. He’s also feeling 100 days smarter, and why wouldn’t he, after all, he learned so much in school.

  1. Girl In Front Of Her School:

This is one of our favorite 100 days of school coloring pages as it features a young girl, with a book in her hand, standing in front of her school. But where will the kitty go now? Will it wait outside the school or will it return home?

  1. 100 Days Of School Worksheet:

This is an educational worksheet, where children have to write and draw how things we use in daily life will look in 100 years and how different the houses will look in 100 years. Don’t forget to draw the illustration.

  1. 100th Day Glasses:

Here’s another fun activity, which you can do on your 100th day of school. You need to print out this sheet on construction paper, cut out the lenses, and attach the bow to the frame by fitting them into the designated slots.

  1. Count And Color Activity:

Here’s another similar 100th day of school activity sheet for you. You need to color, count, and add a hundred shapes featured on the digits. The color guide is featured below, so make sure you follow it.

  1. Happy 100th Day Of School Coloring Page:

These kids are all pumped up to celebrate the 100th day of school, so much that they have even made a banner of the same. They have decorated the banner with balloons too. The only thing it’s lacking is color. So start coloring this page right away.

  1. Happy 100th Day:

Here’s another beautiful and adorable 100th day of school coloring sheet for you. Little kids are posing for the picture holding cutouts of number 100. We totally love the stamp-like template for this coloring page.

  1. Minnie Mouse Celebrating 100 Days Of School:

This coloring page shows Minnie Mouse celebrating 100 days of school in front of her laptop. She has inserted a disc and is probably going to play a new game. Which game would it be?

  1. Hip Hip Hooray:

Here’s another fun and unique 100th-day colouring page. The wordings “Hip Hip Hooray! It’s the 100th day!” is written on a hat. That’s not all. Two hippos are also highlighted on the hat.

  1. Roll And Color:

This is one of the most unique coloring pages we have come across. You need to roll two dice, add the numbers and then color the sum. It would make a fun game for you and your friend.

  1. Curious George Coloring Page:

Here’s another fun and 100 days of coloring sheet inspired by Curious George for you to print and color. On this coloring page, you need to color the rabbit yellow, ice cream purple, hat green, crayon blue, football orange apple red. Then you have to count the number of each element, add all of them, and write the number.

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  1. Pooh’s 100th Day:

It’s the 100th day of school for Pooh, yet he’s busy studying. It seems that he is learning shapes. That’s very diligent of the lad, as kids mostly enjoy celebrating and merrymaking on the 100th day of school.

  1. School Bus:

Not just the kids, but even the bus looks excited on the 100th day of school. The driver has cleaned the bus so that kids feel happy on the 100th day of school.

  1. 100 Days Smarter:

This coloring page tells us about the activities students usually do on the 100th day of school. And whatever activity they do, it will only enhance their knowledge.

  1. Happy 100 Days Of School:

Celebrate the 100 days of school with your friends and teachers with this printable. It’s a pretty simple coloring page, with the wordings “Happy 100 days of school”. Faces of children are also featured on this coloring page.

  1. Celebrate 100 Days Of School:

Here’s another coloring page celebrating 100 days of school. We’d suggest you use multiple colors for the balloons so that it stands out.

  1. Rocking The 100 Days Of School:

Rock the school on the 100th day with this guitar coloring page. The musical notes are floating, which suggests that someone is already playing the guitar.

  1. Draw 100 Things In This Hand:

This one might be a pretty difficult activity, but definitely not impossible. You need to draw 100 things on the hand. The kids on the bottom of the page have already started this activity. When will you do it?

We’re sure you enjoyed filling colors in these 100 days of school pictures. All these 100 days of school coloring pages are printable and can be used at home or in the classroom. You can even print out all these 100 days of school coloring sheets to create a coloring book of your own. You can share your 100 Days of School Coloring book with your friends too! And don’t forget to check out our Black History Month coloring pages.

Free Printable 100 Days Of School Coloring Pages (2024)


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