Job Opening: Area Coordinator (2024)

Location: Bowling Green, KY Category: Staff Posted On: Tue May 14 2024 Job Description:

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

The following duties are customary for this position but are not to be construed as all-inclusive. Duties may be added, deleted and assigned based on management discretion and institutional needs.

Directly supervises three to four full-time professional staff members (Residence Hall Directors)

Oversees the administration and operation of three to four residence halls each housing 200-900 residential students.

Assist in the recruitment, selection, training and development of professional staff members (Residence Hall Directors)

Implement student success strategies and initiatives for student success.

Assist in the recruitment, selection, training and development of student staff members.

Advise, counsel, and seek to develop residents in alignment with the department's mission, vision, and goals to create and sustain a supportive living environment.

Serve in on-call rotation for housing system to include, but not limited to, daily, weekend, and break coverage.

Adjudicate educational disciplinary conferences for higher-level policy violations within area, ensuring due process for involved parties in accordance with university policies and procedures.

Directly supervised by a member of the departmental Leadership Team

Creating a Supportive Learning Environment

Collaborate with academic and University partners to create and sustain residential communities that foster student learning, development, and academic success.

Establish rapport and develop mentoring relationships with residents.

Meet with residential students who may be considered at-risk or of-concern, making referrals when necessary.

Facilitate large-scale area programs designed around a residential curriculum.

Play an integral role in executing the first-year student orientation program.

Train and support Residence Hall Directors in adjudicating educational disciplinary conferences for alleged policy violations.

Implement department initiatives, including academic initiatives.

Collaborate with housekeeping and facilities staff members to maintain a living environment conducive to learning.

Support Living Learning Communities by encouraging participation, reinforcing partnerships, and assisting in the implementation of programs.

Administrative and Managerial Functions

Maintain open line of communication with area staff by scheduling and facilitating regular staff meetings, promptly disseminating information, providing feedback to area staff, following-up on concerns or issues, and promoting positive public relations.

Provide professional development and supervision to area staff via goal setting, regular one-on-one meetings, structured group developments, and performance reviews.

Manage and maintain residence hall programming and supply budgets for assigned area.

Ensure timely and accurate documentation of incidents, conferences, outcomes, and referrals.

Serve as Title IX Mandatory Reporter

Scheduling and supervision of the customer service front desks(s).

Conduct regular rounds of area buildings to ensure cleanliness, maintenance, and security of facilities.

Utilize various software solutions to manage hall occupancy, student staff scheduling, mail and package handling, conduct intervention reporting, etc.

Facilitate hall openings and closings by assisting in room checks, processing check-ins/outs, conducting room inventory inspections, assessing damages, and administrative processes.

Respond to crises and other facilities, safety, and security issues in hall area via a rotating on-call schedule.

Additional Departmental Duties

Serve in active leadership role for 1-2 departmental collateral assignments which support departmental priorities.

Oversee special projects and collateral assignments during summer including but not limited to departmental policy review, updating of training manuals, student training planning, research and assessment, summer hall management, summer camps and conferences, and recruitment and orientation activities.

Approve student payroll for all student staff in area of responsibility.

Cultivate positive working relationships with students, parents, department and university staff, faculty, and other campus units.

Participates on University committees, University recruitment activities, selection processes and other assignments as needed.

Attend conferences, workshops, and training as funds provide and present programs when possible.

Essential Skills Needed

Must be able to create connections with residential students to guide them to success.

Must possess the ability to maintain effective, cooperative working relationships with supervisors, supervisees, co-workers, and academic and community partners in keeping with the values and mission of both the Department and the University

Must possess above average oral, written, and computer communication skills.

Must possess above average knowledge of student development theory and its application to meet the needs of today's college students.

Must possess demonstrated leadership, supervisory, and managerial skills.

Must possess above average multi-tasking, administrative, and organizational skills.

Must possess above average critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.

Must demonstrate willingness to serve as a role model for residential students, student staff members, and co-workers in work ethic, initiative, attitude, and approach to work.

Must demonstrate willingness to role model acceptance and advocacy of diverse student populations by promoting a living and working environment committed to valuing diversity and social justice.

Must adhere to the ethical code of conduct governing the Student Affairs profession.

Must be willing to work evenings and high-volume weekends and assume additional responsibilities within the department as needed.

Although most of the positions will function as described, some aspects are subject to change due to evolving departmental needs.

Job Requirements:

  • Successful applicant must possess a Master's degree in Student Affairs or a related field with 2 or more years of experience working in the residential setting or related field (at least two years post-baccalaureate).

  • This position is considered "live on." The successful applicant will be provided with and expected to reside in, an on-campus apartment in their area of campus.

    Additional Information:

Compensation and Benefits

  • 12-month exempt position, renewable contract

  • Partially furnished pet friendly two-bedroom apartment with internet service and utilities (fair market value of approximately $15,000 a year). Apartment use is restricted to the employee, employee's partner (as defined by guidelines), and employee's dependent children

  • Furnished office space

  • Reserved parking space with purchase of required parking permit.

  • Professional development and extensive training opportunities within the Department, the Division of Enrollment and Student Experience and the University at-large

  • Salary range of $43,888 with excellent benefits package including: medical insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, retirement plan, partial tuition waiver, University Bookstore discount, and reduced membership to the University's health and fitness facility

Kentucky state law requires all public institutions of postsecondary education to conduct pre-employment criminal background checks to determine suitability for employment.

Western Kentucky University (WKU) is committed to a policy and practice of providing equal employment and educational opportunities to all individuals. In accordance with Title VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Revised 1992, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, no form of discrimination or harassment will be tolerated at WKU on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, creed, religion, political belief, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, marital status, age, uniformed services, veteran status, genetic information, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, or physical or mental disability in admission to career and technical education programs and/or activities, or employment practices.

Persons with disabilities, who need reasonable accommodations to participate in the application and/or selection process, should notify the office of Institutional Equity. To request an accommodation, report a complaint, or ask questions regarding WKU's Discrimination and Harassment Policy (#0.2040), please contact Ms. Ena Demir, Executive Director/Title IX Coordinator via email at or by phone at (270) 745-6867. Ms. Demir is also responsible for coordinating the University's response to complaints related to sex and gender harassment. Additional information regarding Title IX is accessible via WKU's website.

Information concerning educational programs offered by WKU are provided at:

For information related to job postings, please email

Job Opening: Area Coordinator (2024)


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