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able to do the puck drop that happened at the start of the game. that wanted ha. there is a new quiz at the quiz dot fox you know i love a quiz. take it every day. takes you less than 5 minutes and we can compete as tyrus loves to do. we will take the quiz together one of these days. >> tyrus: didn't i beat you on jesse's show? i believe that i did. joggers in montana could not have imagined what caused the afternoon traffic. no, it was not me usually elephant in the room. viola escaped from the circus during bath-time and she was montana and, you know, she was just walking around town. >> judge jeanine: she escaped during bath-time. check out my live events coming up comedy tour. >> dana: look at all those events. that's it for us, everyone. have great night. >> bret: i'm ready for the quiz, dana. >> dana: the quiz is great. >> bret: let's go.

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♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, we're covering two big stories. both happening on capitol hill right now. house speaker mike johnson rolls the dice on a foreign aid package with his own speakership on the line. but, first, the exceedingly rare event of an impeachment trial for a merv the president's cabinet never got off the ground today in the u.s. senate it. took a little more than three hours for the democrats in the senate to end the proceeding before it began against homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas. raising a lot of questions about constitutional process and politics. senior congressional correspondent chad pergram starts us off tonight live from capitol hill to show us what happened. good evening, chad. >> bret, senate democrats stuck together to end the trial before it even began. they did not vote to dismiss the articles of impeachment. they voted along party lines to rule the articles ou out of sync with the constitution. >> raise a point of article

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impeachment article 1 does not raise conduct that arises to the level of high crime or misdemeanor as required under article 2 section 4 of the united states constitution and is, therefore, unconstitutional. >> the house alleged that mayorkas broke the law and violated the public trust. republicans rage that democrats terminated the trial before house prosecutors presented their arguments. >> what we have witnessed today is truly historic. this has never occurred. we have now set a precedent that effectively very arguably effectively immunizes from impeachment making a false statement to congress. >> the 20-second impeachment trial in american history was not only abbreviated but if it becomes the first impeachment proceeding to end without rendering final judgment against the accused. even democrats who sometimes align with the g.o.p. wanted a

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fast conclusion. >> i want to thank the republicans for bringing the jerry springer show over to the senate. you know, we all know it's over. any time i can spend less time in a suit and listening to bad performance art, i support that. >> the g.o.p. tried to extend the trial but democrats blocked them; however, republicans want today's outcome to echo at the polls in november. bret? >> bret: chad, we talked at the top about house speaker mike johnson, pushing this foreign aid package. where do we stand with that tonight? >> well, house speaker mike johnson released text of his multi bill plan today that he is up votes on saturday. but democrats are not committing to johnson's plan. >> he has not asked the democratic support. we are in regular communication as is always the case every week that we're in session. we're not in a position to determine how exactly we're going to proceed. >> now the package aid ukraine

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marjorie taylor greene is threatening to oust johnson if he funds ukraine and bret this just came in here mike johnson said, quote: let the chips fall where they may. back to you. >> bret: chad pergram live on the hill. we'll talk more about this with the panel. chad, thanks. let's bring in brit hume. brit, good evening. start with the impeachment of secretary mayorkas. there was no debate, no hearing, no evidence presented, no trial. and after senate majority leaderboard chuck schumer's majority vote killed, this claiming the articles from the house were unconstitutional, there were questions about the actual process to kill it and how that's constitutional. >> brit: well, it's a political buy in a political process in the end, bret. there is quasijudicial forms and rules apply when articles of impeachment have been sent to the senate by the house. but, in the end all comes down to the same thing it always does. who has the vote?

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it requires two thirds of the senate to convict. which means you have got to have huge bipartisan agreement that what was alleged and established was, in fact, a high crime or misdemeanor along the lines of treason and bribery, which are the two cited by the constitution in order to hope to get a conviction. i don't think this one was ever going to rise that level. nor have i thought that, bret, to be honest with you about the impeachments brought against bill clinton and later against donald trump. impeachment has been cheapened. and this is a further example of it and is probably in the long run a good thing that it got shut down although it is obviously unsatisfying to people who want to hear mayorkas' failure in office to be heard by the public. but, look. this is a case of mal administration. which is of someone not doing their job properly.

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the framers of the constitution specifically ruled out. they discussed it and ruled it out as a basis for impeachment and conviction. >> bret: yeah. the framers did spend a lot of time in that constitutional convention, specifically on not only the president but on the process of impeachment which is really interesting as you look at how this went down in a majority vote today. i want to turn to speaker johnson hanging on here but pushing this foreign aid package forward. what do you think about that big picture? >> brit: well, i think he deserves a lot of credit for taking the view that these three things that are basically what is he looking at here need to be done. we need to support ukraine abandoning an ally after the abandonment in afghanistan and other ways that we backed off would be dangerous for this country, particularly in terms of the deterrent effect that our military and our posture has around the world it's up popular

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with a lot of republicans. the fact that he is bringing this up is probably a very large majority in the whole house to pass it but it would be with -- you know, a huge input from the democrats. and some republicans can't stand that. and it could cost him his job. but he is going forward with it. and i think he deserves credit for trying. takes guts to do that, and it might, indeed, cost him his job. >> bret: brit, as always, thank you. there was another big anti-israel protest today at a major american university. today's demonstration at columbia comes amid significant dissatisfaction by many jewish students there over the school's leadership. senior national correspondent rich edson has details tonight. >> at columbia university hundreds of students built gaza solidarity on campus. demanding a end to columbia's genocide. missed this demonstration. she was in washington testifying in congress about her

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administration's record addressing anti-semitism. >> i am personally committed to doing everything can i to confront it directly is. >> some jewish columbia students disagree and traveled to washington to watch the testimony. >> i have absolutely no confidence at this point based on that testimony that this will be managed in a proper way. >> she was on international trip when she was invited to appear before this panel in december. that's when the then presidents of harvard, upenn and mit refused to unequivocally say calls for the genocide of jews called conduct. columbia administration brought a different answer to the same question. >> does calling for the genocide of jews violate columbia's code of conduct? dr. shafee. >> yes it does. >> the university has suspended students, restricted protests and investigated faculty members. one of them, professor joseph masad who celebrated the octoben

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israel. shah fechuch says masad is still on the faculty though she is unclear if he is currently teaching. at the start of the hearing masad was listed as chair of the academic review commit. is he now labeled as outgoing chair. >> will you make the commitment to remove him as chair? >> [sigh] i think that would be -- i think -- yes. let me come back with yes. >> committee chairwoman virginia fox says she is prepared to bring columbia university leadership back before the committee if she doesn't see more tangible progress from the university addressing anti-semitism. we asked fox if we're going to see more university presidents testify before that committee. she says she hasn't decided yet. bret? >> bret: rich edson live on capitol hill. rich, thanks. stocks were off today amid disappointing earnings and interest rates worry still lingering. the dow lost 46. the s&p 500 was down 29. the nasdaq fell 182 today. ♪

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>> bret: breaking news from the southern border. customs and border patrol authorities say there has been a huge surge of chinese nationals crossing into the u.s. through the u.s. border with mexico and it hasn't stopped in recent weeks. senior correspondent mike tobin is in el paso, texas tonight with this data. good evening, mike. >> mike: good evening, bret. here in the el paso sector, we have seen a recent spike with illegal crossings but it's that dramatic spike, dramatic increase of chinese nationals crossing the border illegally that is drawing national security concerns. now, border patrol says they have apprehended some 24,296 chinese nationals crossing illegally. 85% of them are single adults. the catch is we're only six months into the fiscal year and the number of chinese nationals apprehended has already acceded the total from fiscal year 2023. if you compare those numbers to fiscal year 21, the start of the biden administration, there were 324, so the number of chinese nationals marching into the u.s.

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has increased by more than 7,000%. while we still have -- while we have seen the chinese migrants crossing primarily in california, senator susan collins of maine has been directing attention to chinese nationals showing up in her state and starting marijuana growing operation. >> why is china sending its citizens sneaking them into the country to open illegal marijuana operations in rural maine communities? >> at the border the texas national guard has installed anti-climb barriers. people are coming from the mexican side with bolt cutters to get through the razor wire and fencing. we watched this morning as family with children on their backs found a hole in the barrier and made a break for the wall. fox news cram are a in new mexico got a shot of border patrol catching up to rauner and taking him down by force. earlier this month, an aide to democratic senator catherine cortez masto was killed in a car

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wreck. the driver of the other vehicle was an 18-year-old honduran in the united states illegally. bret? >> mike, quickly, this number, the 24,000 chinese says apprehended but it tracks with how cpb has been talking about the release of that number of people into the u.s. we don't have an exact number of that, do we? >> you certainly have a large number of got-aways here in the el paso sector alone over the last fiscal year. there was almost 50,000 got-aways. so that indicates there are great number of people who have not been tracked getting into the u.s., bret. >> bret: okay. continue to look at the numbers. mike, thanks. up next, the u.s. military leaders talk about israel's possible retaliation against iran and what made the fallout may be. and, later, our exclusive interview with israel's ambassador to the u.s. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight.

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fox 5 in new york where the nba has banned toronto raptor's player porter for life. an investigation found he shared confidential information with sports gamblers and bet on games. the league determined porter gave a known sports better information about his health status prior to a march 20th game. porter took himself out of that game after less than three minutes. fox 11 in los angeles says a muslim student who is a university of southern california valedictorian has been banned from giving a speech at the school's graduation ceremony. came after pro-israel group accused her of protestor promoting anti-semitic writings. she is alleged to have shared content that calls for the abolishment of the state of israel. she says she was surprised by the university's decision and that she has been subjected to a campaign of, quote: racist hatred. and this is a live look at philadelphia from fox 29, our affiliate there one of the big stories there tonight.

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a philadelphia man is being called a hero tonight after saving two people from a burning home. a woman was struggling to pull another man from that building. oscar rivera climbed onto the roof and pulled them both to safety. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ i'm holding on to a hero until the end of the night ♪ he's got to be strong ♪ and he's got to be fast ♪ and he's got to be from the fight ♪ i need a hero ♪ here's to getting better with age. here's to beating these two every thursday. help fuel today with boost high protein, complete nutrition you need... ...without the stuff you don't. so, here's to now. boost. it's better outside with ninja. cookouts are better with master grills that char,

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♪ >> bret: court documents reveal new jersey democratic senator bob menendez is expected to blame his wife during his federal corruption trial. fox news digital has learned the senator's attorneys want him to be tried separately from his wife because of his intention to introduce evidence that would imply she is guilty. the couple have both pleaded not guilty to bribery and obstruction of justice charges. a house oversight committee meeting that was supposed to be about chinese political warfare evolved into a very testy exchange today between the chairman and the ranking member over how president biden has made his money. >> you've been talking about for more than a year but they don't show anything. >> it's okay as tony bobulinski to say for china to bribe joe

3:20 pm

biden's family with $9 million. >> if joe biden took a $9 million bribe from china why aren't you impeaching him for that? >> who says we are not. >> this is a hearing on china and y'all have a obsession with russia and trump. it's disturbing. >> china and trump or russia and trump. >> you need therapy, mr. raskin. >> no, no. you need therapy. >> bret: we could have kept playing that soundbite. we will continue to follow that meantime microsoft officials say russian online campaigns aimed at influencing u.s. presidential elections have increased over the past 45 days. this election obviously upcoming. the company adds the current activity is slower than seen in past elections. researchers at the tech giant say russia linked accounts are disseminating divisive content aimed at u.s. audiences including criticizing americans' support of ukraine and its war with moscow. ♪ >> bret: the world is still

3:21 pm

waiting for a possible israeli response to last weekend's attack from iran. today, the president's defense secretary and top military adviser reiterated the u.s. hope to try to avoid a larger conflict. here is chief national security correspondent jennifer griffin. >> we are living in consequential times and there is no time to waste. >> u.s. warships remain on high alert in the eastern mediterranean. iran reportedly has pulled many of its revolutionary guard corps forces out of syria fearing israeli retaliation for saturday's missile assault. canceled flights to tehran until april 30th. >> we will continue to stand ready to protect our troops in the region and to support the defense of israel. >> whether or not israel responds is an israeli decision. we don't want to see a wider regional conflict. >> ussrly burke and u.s.s. carner. u.s. navy warships and

3:22 pm

commercial shipping have fended off 130 direct attacks from the iran-backed huts hewitts in tht six months. >> we have currently approaching $1 billion in munitions that we have need to republic issue in past the supplemental aid funding request for israel and ukraine. >> putin won't stop with ukraine. i think he will continue to seek to pull back in some of those countries that were in the former soviet union. >> the secretary praised centcom commander general eric kurilla who oversaw saturday night's response that. >> doesn't happen at the 11th hour that happens because countries are working together. >> forces are ready to launch using soviet is a coy 24 bombers against israel. annual attempt to deter israel from retaliating after half of

3:23 pm

iran's ballistic missiles, most of its current stockpile failed on the launch pad or in flight last weekend. the rest were shot down. bret? >> bret: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. jennifer, thank you. up next, we will talk about the situation in the middle east with israel's ambassador to the u.s. first, beyond our borders tonight. russian missiles hit ukrainian apartment building killing 17 people, injuring more than 60 others. the strike comes as russia's military has gradually advanced inside ukraine. military analysts say ukraine is struggling to push back due to a shortage of artillery ammunition, troops and armored vehicles. sweden's parliament loafers the age of people legally changing their gender from 18 years old to 16. those under 18 will still need approval from guardian, doctor, or the national board of health and welfare. and the united arab emirates records heaviest rain this week. flooding dubai's airport and disrupting international travel.

3:24 pm

more than 5.5 inches of rain fell within 24 hours. on average dubai records 4 inches of rainfall in a year. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ have you ever seen the rain ♪for ♪ coming shingles doesn't care. down ahhh, there's nothing like a day out with friends. that's nice, but shingles doesn't care! 99% of adults 50 years or older already have the virus that causes shingles inside them, and it can reactivate at any time. a perfect day for a family outing! guess what? shingles doesn't care. but shingrix protects. only shingrix is proven over 90% effective. shingrix is a vaccine used to prevent shingles in adults 50 years and older. shingrix does not protect everyone and is not for those with severe allergic reactions to its ingredients or to a previous dose. an increased risk of guillain-barré syndrome

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i'm patriotic kenny. and, hi, i'm amanda on tiktok. my scooter broke down. i went into a depression. how do you feel about that? pretty sad. and i posted it to show that kenny's not always happy.

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within 24 hours people had donated over $5,000. no, you're kidding. we set up the patriotic kenny foundation to give mobility scooters to veterans. it has changed my life tremendously. none of this would've happened without tiktok. >> what iran should learn is that number one there assumptions are wrong. we're going to do what's necessary to help in the defense of israel. >> the israelis are making a decision to act. we hope they do so in a way that does as little to escalate this as possible. >> israel is not seeking wars. but if someone wants to annihilate us, wipe us off the map, we're not just going to sit idly by. >> bret: let's get update on israel and what could happen throughout the middle east. joining us tonight israeli ambassador to the u.s. michael

3:30 pm

herzog. thank you for the time. >> thank you, bret, for having me. >> bret: there are a lot of headlines around the world, the eyes of the world are on israel and the response to the attacks possibly over the weekend. the headlines axios. not in u.s. times of israel. netanyahu, despite ally's advice israel will make our own decisions on security. the associated press iran president warns of massive response if israel launches tiniest invasion. can you give us a sense maybe it not the specifics, obviously, but a sense of where israeli leadership is on the strike back after this past weekend's attacks? >> look, israel just came under massive, massive attack from iran. iranians fired over 100 ballistic missiles at israel and all in all, around 300 munitions with tons of explosives and if you are -- if you add to this what their problems fired at

3:31 pm

israel including hezbollah it's over 400 munitions. this cannot just pass. it cannot go unanswered because if you don't answer the iranians will feel impunity and they will they can strike anywhere in the middle east or elsewhere without any consequences. so we have to respond and we will respond. how exactly we do it remains to be seen. i don't discuss any details. but, you have to understand defense and we had fantastic defense in this case, israel, the u.s., our joint cooperation and other actors who came in to display but in our part of the world defense is not enough to create deterrence. we need push back. and the main message. the main lesson from what happened the other day when iran attacked us is that all of us have to enhance deterrence vis-a-vis iran. i will tell you one more thing. if we do not push back against

3:32 pm

iran, in a matter of a few years, you may see nuclear warheads on ballistic missiles. iranian ballistic missiles. we all have to draw the lessons. the lesson is to pushback and enhance. >> bret: how do you determine the rhetoric coming from the administration. concern about escalation in the middle east. urging israelis in whatever you decide to be cautious? how do you interpret those words from the president and others? >> i understand the concerns about potential for regional war. we are not rushing to a regional war. the government of israel calculates its decision very, very carefully. we're not rushing anywhere. as i said, israel will respond with how exactly we are going to do it. i leave it open. >> bret: the state department spokesperson was asked about sanctions on iran from the u.s. there are talks of new sanctions

3:33 pm

and new stringent efforts to try to -- specifically go after some of their offensive materials. but, there's a criticism that the u.s. has not enforced these sanctions. here's the st state department spokesman on that. >> it's important to remember that we have not lifted a single sanction on iran. >> the u.n. sanctions, the one that the entire world, everyone in the world is supposed to follow were in fact lifted. they expired, correct? >> well, i think there's a difference between lifting and expiring. >> bret: so expiring, lifted. are you concerned that sanctions have not had an impact on iran? >> we welcome more pressure on iran political pressure, diplomatic pressure. economic pressure vis-a-vis iran.

3:34 pm

we now follow more sanctions being passed in congress and we welcome that ultimately the test is in the enforcement. i think it's time for everyone to draw the lesson and understand that more pressure to on iran. >> situation is bleak. this is about the hostages. foreign diplomats seek new path for release of israeli hostages as families warn of iranian escalation saying that the latest proposal by the american administration was not creative enough. failed to bridge gaps between the demands of hamas and israel we should point out hamas failed to turn down the last negotiation attempts. where does that stand tonight on the hostages? >> we have been making real effort to get another hostage deal release hostages. every day that passes by endangers their life it's a matter of life and death.

3:35 pm

unfortunately hamas turned down the recent proposals and seems uninterested. i think we have to increase hamas to come to terms and do the deal right now unfortunately we are not there. >> when you see protests across america in different cities that are anti-israel, support for hamas in some cases, against the efforts of obviously civilian deaths in gaza. what do you think about that when you see those images? >> what i think we should not mix between freedom of speech and first amendment rights and incitement to hate, anti-semitism, support for terrorists, support for hamas, or support for iran. and this is very troubling to me because i see the two being mixed many, many places, including facing our own

3:36 pm

embassy. and i would ask the demonstrators the seven questions. what do you think what's your position about the massacre carried out by hamas on october 7th. what's your position regarding the iranian aggression, would you would you be able to survive in gaza under hamas or in iran under the ayatollahs. do you support israel's right to exist these are the kind of questions that needs -- that people have to ask those demonstrators. >> bret: ambassador herzog, we appreciate your time and we'll continue to follow the developments. >> thank you very much. >> bret: up next, new developments in the story of a "national public radio" editor who says the network has a definite political bias. the latest fallout. and, as we go to break, former florida senator and governor bob graham has died. graham gained national promise as chairman of the senate

3:37 pm

intelligence committee in the after math of the 9/11 attacks. he was also an early critic of the iraq war. graham's family announced his death tuesday on social media. bob graham was 87. (psst! psst!) ahhh! with flonase, allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily gives you long lasting non-drowsy relief. flonase all good. also, try our allergy headache and nighttime pills.

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♪ >> bret: congressional lawmakers discussed major safety failures at boeing today in a pair of senate hearings. the manufacturer has been pushed into crisis mode since a door plug panel blew off a plane in january. members of an expert panel testified today boeing has serious flaws in safety culture. they said that despite improvements made after the crashes of two boeing max jets killing 346 people, the company's approach to safety remains flawed. it said employees who raise concerns could be subject to pressure and retaliation. >> bret: president biden's swing, campaign swing through pennsylvania took him to pittsburgh today. he's trying to tout an economy that most polls are showing most americans consider unsatisfactory. white house correspondent peter doocy is in pittsburgh with the president tonight. >> a hero's welcome for president biden in battleground

3:43 pm

pennsylvania inside the headquarters of the united steelworks union. >> you go home with that the [inaudible] dance and you brought me to the dance. >> just outside two huge groups of protesters. one pro-cease-fire which follows the president everywhere. the other anti-bidenomics which is new ♪ chanting] >> president biden used this trip to float a new tripling of tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from china. >> they are not competing. they are cheating. >> he wants credit for adding jobs post covid. >> we are the strongest economic economy in the world. >> that kind of talk might not breakthrough outside boisterous union halls. >> i don't think he is in touch, biden that is, in what is the real issue for voters right now. the cost of food, the cost of their homeowner's insurance and car insurance we don't talk about enough. >> after overnighting in hometown scranton president biden visited a local war memorial to see where uncle

3:44 pm

ambrose finnegan memorialized. >> got shot down in an area where there were a lot of can cannibals. >> even faced with such poignant family history in that moment the president said he couldn't stop thinking about a 2020 atlantic magazine article said donald trump called american war dead suckers and losers. a claim trump denies. >> to me that is such disqualifying assertion made by a president. suckers and losers. >> biden isn't talking much about trump's legal issues with the exception of this one punch line. >> under my predecessor, who is busy right now,. [laughter] >> pennsylvania lost 275,000 jobs. i mean, let's look at the facts. >> the campaign is showing its hand that pennsylvania is a must-win by spending an unusual amount of time in a single week in this state. three days. but they are doing it to showcase that biden can meet people on the trail while trump is on trial. bret? >> bret: peter doocy on the

3:45 pm

campaign trail with the president. peter, thanks. >> bret: breaking tonight, veteran "national public radio" editor uri berliner has resigned. berliner was recently suspended after going public with criticism about what he says is npr's political bias. chief washington correspondent mike emanuel has the specifics tonight. good evening, mike. >> bret, good evening. uri berliner a senior editor who spent 25 years at npr. today he announced his resignation on x gotten more than 2.3 million views writing, quote: i respect the integrity of my colleagues and wish for npr to thrive and do important journalism but i cannot work in a newsroom where i am despaired by a new ceo divisive views confirm the very problems of npr i cited in my free press essay. that ceo catherine march her tweeted out this publicly showed support hillary clinton in 2016 and joe biden in 2020.

3:46 pm

may her also taken heat only four weeks into the job for having no background in news. she reacted to the controversy a short time ago. >> i read uri's letter i never hat chance to meet him personally. i wish in some ways that i had had that chance so we could have talked about what his concerns were. again, i don't have any editorial guidance or the newsroom, but it would have been interesting to hear and be able to think about structurally what can we do? >> what led to berliner's resignation today was his stinging criticism of berliner wrote in the free press, quote, what began as coverage truth impaired president, veered towards efforts to damage or topple trump's presidency. after that blew up into a huge controversy, edith chapin, npr's chief news executive sent a memo to staff writing, quote: we are stand to stand behind the

3:47 pm

exceptional work that our desks and shows do to cover a wide range of challenging stories. what's unusual about this criticism, it comes from a senior insider blasting npr for what he sees as rigid progressive ideology. berliner's departure seemed inevitable after claiming the networks has, quote: lost america's trust. some are suggesting it's time for it to lose its federal funding. something berliner says he does not support. bret? >> bret: mike, thank you. we'll talk with the panel about npr's black eye in all of this back and forth. plus the house battle over foreign aid and the future of the speaker. and, later, houston, we had a problem. 54 years ago today. ♪ ♪

3:48 pm

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>> we're supposed to have debates on the issues. not impeachments on the issues. we are not supposed to say when you disagree with someone on policy, then that sudden is a high crime and misdemeanor. >> we have set a very unfortunate precedent here. this means that the senate can ignore, in effect, the house's impeachment. >> bret: it's an historic day. the impeachment of secretary homeland security secretary mayorkas. and then the senate voting to shooting it down. not going to a trial. axios writes it this way. senate scwawcious historic

3:53 pm

impeachment charges against mayorkas. killing the charges without a full trial highlights how democrats saw the impeachment as political theater but production argue it seats dangerous precedent as you heard from mcdonnell. ari fleischer, morgan ortagus. founder of polaris national security. and josh j josh kraushaar. your thoughts on today and the fallout from it? >> bret, many people warned during the trump years when he was twice-impeached, twice in contravention to house rules about how impeachment historically were governed that impeachment was turning into a vote of no confidence. and that is exactly what's happened here. we have degraded the value of the importance, the rarity of impeachments and because the democrats did it to trump, republicans did it to one of biden's cabinet secretaries with whom they had strong disagreements. we have got to basically the british system without any meaning. it is no longer impeachment. it's a vote of no confidence

3:54 pm

doesn't result in anyone having to leave office the way it does in britain. it's an empty political gesture. it was against donald trump. same thing now. we have demeaned -- the process has been demeaned. >> bret: yeah, josh. in the constitution and the founders in the constitutional convention and i studied this for a little bit. they spent a lot of time. the most time on defining the presidency and what impeachment that process would look like. they set it at two thirds to make it a really high bar to be able to kick somebody out. and they never got to that today. it was never going to get to two thirds in that vote. but, they used the majority vote to killed process and that's what's raising some eyebrows. >> it was a remarkably partisan process. but i thought today in washington sort of illustrated a split screen where you had the partisanship over mayorkas and the predictable impeachment vote. and then you look over in the house and you have the makings of some remarkable bipartisan

3:55 pm

where you have speaker johnson and now president biden seeming to be on the same page in pushing through foreign aid legislation to both ukraine, israel, taiwan, you know, it's going to be a really interesting few days in the house. if that does end up getting through it's going to be because the moderates, pragmatists in both parties end up finally bee latingly cutting a bipartisan deal. that is washington right now. you have sometimes the most mindless partisanship and the mayorkas impeachment. i think there were good reasons why republicans have been upset about his record at dhs. but, when you have something as important as international security you actually are seeing now the makings of republicans and democrats possibly working together. >> bret: to that pointed, here is speaker johnson and others on that issue. >> what we have done is we have taken the senate supplemental bill and we have improved the process and the policy. we'll begin with border. >> every day is a matter of life and death.

3:56 pm

in ukraine. it's really a tragedy that did has taken this long. >> this is something that we congress to provide urgently. all things of vital importance to our foreign policy and the national security interests of the american people. >> bret: morgan, that's the pitch for it. you obviously are well aware of foreign aid and foreign affairs and how much that means the house foreign aid israel, 6 billion. ukraine 61 billion. indo-pacific that's taiwan at 8 billion. but there is pushback in the house. and among other things there is concern that they originally agreed to do something on the border before doing this next step here. what about that? >> well, i think there is the process and there is the policy aspect of this on the process side i think it's spark how speaker johnson broke this up it gives everybody a chance to vote

3:57 pm

if they want to vote against ukraine aid or israel aid. enough votes that you could go on the record in order to express your pleasure or displeasure with pacific policy proposal. you know from, a policy perspective what's going to come out at the end of this what will likely end up passing is the trump proposal. and i think that more of the freedom caucus, more of that wing of the party may end up supporting it because it is essentially it was president trump's idea, former president trump's idea from the beginning to make this a loan and to have provisions in there that would hold our allies more accountable for the foreign aid that we're giving them. so, if that's the bill that ultimately comes through, not only is it a win for speaker johnson it. could be a rare win for both president biden and president trump. >> bret: how do you see it, ari? >> yeah, i'm actually very hopeful that they are going to get this done. this is one of those rare instances on a difficult, difficult issue where the republican party the moderate party is deeply split that we can actually do something

3:58 pm

muscular, strong and helpful to fight vladimir putin and to support israel, our ally. it would be remarkable if all of this we pass aid for ukraine and support israel and prop up help taiwan. that would be a huge international success. the kinds of which america used to do all the time. >> again, the pushback is not just a few, josh. it's fairly significant of people saying the spending has got to be -- you got have priorities. and that's what you are hearing from some of these folks on the capitol hill on the house side. >> that's right. it's going to be a rocky few days for speaker johnson. i think this is a big leadership moment for him good number of democratic votes to get the legislation and foreign aid passed. so, look, we could be seeing a moment where both sides are working together. there is when you look at the polls, when you look at the senate vote that took place a couple months ago, it was a

3:59 pm

healthy majority. almost all democrats. about half of republicans in the senate supported this type of legislation. so i think you'll have a healthy majority in the end that pass foreign aid but, boy, yeah. there is a big split in the republican party and i think speaker johnson could be hanging on by a thread with his speakership. there may be a revolt that takes place after this is all said and done. >> bret: yeah. and let me just quickly put up this you arey berliner resigning from npr the tweet he puts out worked for 25 years but leaving. what do you make of that story? >> it's not a great american institution. it's a liberal media outlet. he has exposed it as such from the inside it. bee fugdzs me for all these years republicans have controlled congress they haven't eliminated federal funding for it yet. >> this is a wake-up cry stop funding not even one penny to npr. there are enough private liberal media organizations by do we have a public one? he was brave.

4:00 pm

weighs brave to write what he did and to say what he did. i'm glad he did it. >> bret: it's a battle that's going to be brewing. panel, thanks. ♪ finally tonight today's throw back. >> we show you it really looks great. >> bret: on this day 54 years ago nodule returned to earth. launching from earth april 11th, 1970 supposed to land on the moon. one of the ship's oxygen tanks blew up forcing the astronauts to make emergency return to earth. houston we have a problem. the crew managed to gently splash down in the ocean that does it for us. tomorrow new polls on the presidential race all across the board. you don't want to miss that, fair, balanced and unafraid. here is laura. ♪?

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