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If you're an aspiring filmmaker, you'll want to know all about these websites.

by Rebecca Muench- updated on July 6, 2023

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As a filmmaker, the process of making a film can be challenging, and it can be even more daunting for independent filmmakers who are often working on smaller budgets with limited resources. However, in today's digital age, numerous filmmaking websites offer a wealth of information and resources that can help indie filmmakers navigate.

Here’s a list of the top 10 websites we’ve found the most helpful for indie filmmakers. Hope they help, and never forget we’re here for you too!

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Film Independent

What’s it for? Film Independent is the premiere resource for indie filmmakers of all levels in every stage of their career.

When to visit: This site covers it all, from grants to festivals to helpful interviews, articles, and insights from today’s top-working indie filmmakers. Film Independent is most notorious for its annual Film Independent Spirit Awards show. You can join the organization at tiered levels of membership for exclusive voting access, screenings, and more.

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Film School Rejects

What’s it for? This blog-based site was founded by and for self-taught filmmakers.

When to visit: Come here when you need advice on any aspect of your indie filmmaking journey. The site is helpfully searchable by genre, topics, archives, and more! Film School Rejects is your source for any size filmmaking project, be it digital video or indie feature film.

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Filmmaker IQ

What’s it for? Visit Filmmaker IQ for more technical filmmaking tips.

When to visit: Filmmaker IQ is your destination for any specific camera, editing, and any other technical aspect of the filmmaking process. As an indie filmmaker, you might have to take on a lot of the filmmaking processes yourself; for helpful articles on camera, editing, or even the history of film and filmmaking, bookmark Filmmaker IQ.

American Film Institute

What’s it for? The AFI is the United States’ premiere organization for celebrating and preserving cinema.

When to visit: When you’re looking for inspiration or motivation, look no further than The AFI. Their website is stacked with comprehensive lists like the AFI Top 100, AFI’s 100 Years of Film Scores, and AFI’s 10 Top 10; whether you’re in the writing phase or editing, referencing these important films will reinspire and reinvigorate you on your indie filmmaking journey.

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Stephen Follows

What’s it for? Where the AFI is a site for inspiration, Stephen Follows is a site for data and analysis. Stephen Follows is a professional industry producer who uses this site to share his knowledge with indie filmmakers.

When to visit: Whether you need references for distribution or you’re looking to further educate yourself on the state of the filmmaking industry today, Stephen Fellows’ site is the place for you. Expect data-driven articles such as: How Has the Cost of Making a Movie Changed in Recent Years or What Are the Most Common Character Names in Movies.

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What’s it for? Backstage started as a casting resource. Now it’s grown to include helpful articles and insights for every stage of filmmaking. One article to check out in particular if you’re an indie filmmaker here in Hollywood: 7 Tips for Becoming Part of the Indie Film Community in L.A.

When to visit: Come to Backstage, especially when you’re beginning auditions for your film projects. You can post breakdowns for every part in your indie project: from leads to background performers. If you’re an actor yourself, you can also create a profile for yourself on Backstage and be discovered by filmmakers looking for just your type!

No Film School

What’s it for? Your go-to filmmaking resource for every step of the process.

When to visit: No Film School is like an encyclopedia of indie filmmaking. You can search their vast website for any question you might have along your indie filmmaking journey. From Costume Design to Tik Tok editing to everything in between, if you have a curiosity about any aspect of indie filmmaking, No Film School is an incredible resource.

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What’s it for? Studio Binder is a paid software resource for filmmakers to expedite and streamline the production process.

When to visit: Studio Binder works for you when your script is ready, and you’re looking to start production prep. They offer production software for filmmakers, from shot lists to call sheets to shooting schedules. In addition to these logistical resources, Studio Binder also offers video courses, books, and filmmaking templates.

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Shot Deck

What’s it for? Shot Deck is an enormous database of cinematic stills from close to every movie ever made. These stills elevate your prep visuals; think pitch decks/mood boards/lookbooks for your projects.

When to visit: Come to Shot Deck whenever you need reference photos for your indie film project. Whether or not you’re a writer, a producer, a production designer, or a cinematographer, you’ll need visual references. Shot Deck is the premiere and most extensive database of high-quality stills to pull from, so your decks and books are the most professional they can be.

Filmmaker Magazine

What’s it for? Filmmaker Magazine is an online resource published specifically for indie filmmakers by The Gotham organization, famous for its Gotham Awards.

When to visit: Visit this vast resource when you’re looking for more information on the reality of filmmaking, specifically indie filmmaking. Their site is ingeniously organized by specialization from Financing to Cinematography and everything in between. In addition to craft knowledge, explore their mag's “Columns” section for fascinating think pieces and film analysis.


Did we miss anything? Let us know about your favorite filmmaking websites on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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10 Best Filmmaking Websites for Indie Filmmakers - ScreenCraft (2024)


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