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at 800 496 9200 or visit coventry direct comm. welcome to fox nation, a place where we look to the future and close to our past. this is fox nation, where all of america's stories are told. >> sign up and start screening today. >> all right. unfortunately that is all the time we have left for this week. anyway, than w lefk you for being with us monday. 203 days til with ul the most important election of your lifetime. no pressure, though. yourk for joining us. thank you for making the show possible. yoease set your dvr so you never, ever, ever, ever miss an episode of hannity. in the meantime, let not your heart be trouble. greg gutfeld is standingmeantimt a smile on your face. >> have a great weekend weekend

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. yes. it's right. w >> hey, you know what that means. glad to welcome tonight's guestsmeans let'. >> this cougar's clawsou p will give you pause. fox newsause eight are doing it. i got his jackets are wildly new with mobs. those about him saturday night. sajimmy, chill. beat your with unlimited the colors. the bottom line is that bot[ they're going to ginauo. hey, hey. normal size affects the tide. "new york times" best selling author, comedian and brand heavyweight world champione rk ? >> oh, my goodness gracious. i'm so excited. neay, we get to some new stories. >> let's do thisws stori.

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greg's leftovers. me?leftov >> it's the leftovers where i read the jokes. we did news thise . and as always, it's my first time reading them. so if they ,s m will force joe machi to get a lapt dance from joy bejarwill. oh, geez. yesterda died yesterday. oh, wow. that's bad. it's bad. he died after a brief with cancer. also dead. nicole simpson after a brief battle with o.j.. football fans were surprised he died of cancer as buffalo bills players are known forfalob choking out the good news about oj's passing. >> kato kaelin can finally move into the main house. >> karine jean-pierre gave condolences oj's family,

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but did not mention o.j.ut his victims. in her defense, she is stupid speaking o.j., his family. >> simpson leaves behindbehind f four children and two heads. yet he is a murderer. when reached comment, the ghost of johnnie cochran remarked, actually, gloves did fit, but i'm dead and you can't do. meanwhile, reality star khloe kardashian is once againg with the conspiracy theory that o.j. is actually her real father. when we know who really is. >> former biden chief of staffbh ron klain says his old boss should stop takingtaff laps over

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the economy. staffers told claim he was mistaken t. >> that was joe just wanderinge in circles. a viral video went viral role o of a horse waiting for a train to arrive at a subway station. >> animal control explains that the beast was just commuting to work. all right. >> speaking of the view, whoopi goldberg said republicans want to bring slavery back. that'srepublic not true.t claimed republicans. there'd be no way to get you in a boat back after a bull. >> love it. donald trump visited a chick fillet in atlanta this week. when asked what the best part of his visit wasn aske bes, trud watching stacey abrams clean

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the deep fryery fryer, chlamyda ,hepatitis c and syphilis. are some of the stds infecting . americans age 55 and older at a age e. g ratinfectin after that, the big speech he got to don't look at me. >> said one woman. i have the afternoon darkness from monday's eclipse wreakede havoc with some people's schedules, including president biden who accidentally crawled into earlcoffin 3 hours early. >> inflation is even hitting garbage collection as pricesllen have risen 6%. economistses blame a suddenen increase in the weight of the collected trash for

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the california highway patrolret says that thieves were nabbehids with $300,000 in stolen legos. >> investigators say that upon being caught, the thieves wereis bricks. apparently zombie cicadas that are infected. a bizarre std fungus may be coming to. the u.s.. biologists have a rough picture of what they might look like . dancers at an alabama strip club say their employer is forcing them into a socialist economic system by,a making them share tips. wait, you're suppose d to tip? >> asks one man. finally the trump campaigny th

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is demanding that biden debate him much earlierp camp, more ofe when trump was asked whyn he said that? becausump wad whe never debatede using a ouija board. >> all right, let's do the news . >> the dusty bag of bones ofncels more student loans. joe biden votes with an executive order. but toloans with fixing the bo. sfixio the president wiped outu another seven point $4 billion in student debt for almost 300,000 borrowers or around 25 k per vote. the last night, joe wiped out that much cash. the taliban goutt 50 helicopters . >> biden likes to call it cashn. loan forgive yes. but the problem here, those loans aren't his to forgivr for course, you, the taxpayer, are the silly dope s who with the tab. like a parrot depends on joe'sp . >> you recall last year, the supreme court ruled against

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biden's bribes for vote scheme, calling his plan unconstitutionalruns. but he ignored that. like he ignores the border, his hygiene and his grandchild . he went around them, empowering his education department bureaucrat , hes to magically erase 153 billion in debt and counting. >> meanwhile, every day our southern border sees more traffic than lizzo's. >> and yet joe does nothing even as we learn. an afghan migrant on the terror watch list was roaming before finally being captured today. >> but what was the guy outth here in the first place? well, ice prosecutoracs reportedly didn't tellhe the judge who was on the terror list because it was classified e . >> well, how about telling that judge and they tell the judge it's classifiee it'sd. >> so he was let out and the judge placed zero restrictionscs on the dude's movements, meaning he could have popped u e anywhere. >> even a planet fitness women's locker rood up m. but even terrorists won't go there. too many room but even.

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>> i can't believe i'd say that. >> so while biden says he can't fix the border with ta flickk of of a pen, he can rob the tillpi of billions of dollars to bribe voters. vot think about it. the commander in chief's responsibility is to defend thif . that's a fundamental requirement of a president. and he sayd th at's as he can't do it. it's like the guy installing an alarm systemo it. for your house telling you that you can't have locks on your you s. then the president releases billions of dollars as a pay out fo the r so that's like the guy installing the alarm system for your housegularm, not only sayig you can't lock your doors, but then he goes and grabbedng e your life savings from your safe. >> in a sane world, shouldn'aft cost him his job. >> what say you, joe? >> the supremes thoughtt they had me, but i ran arounde them and i'm going to do ibut anyway. >> i'm giving away money. that's it. but i call it forgiveness. that's what they call it.

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i'm going to forgive these young people the college money. i'll forgive them fore barb "barbie" movie, the whole deal. >>be t and then we get some vot. but i call it forgiving and that's my new motto, forgiveness and forgiveness. even there, even if i can'tf feel anything in my right leg. all right, julie. >> you look amazing. b >> always. thank you. it could be that because you're sitting next to jimmy. ohecause yot to, everything loog next to jimmy, including building a superfund site. all right, just enough insulting him. okayg . e >> just on the border alone, shouldn't he? he's declared himself unfit. yeah i mean, it's kind of like saying, ah, let's say there's a war going on andsaying sayingn i can't defend the country. i mean, he's saying i can't

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supply i. >> the country with a border. yeah. speaking of defending, this is indefensible. >> spe is 7.4 additional billion dollars in loan forgiveness. 00 that's another 277,000 followers or borrowers. i'm thinking about social media anyway, but nonethelesl media,s i mean, this is just as it's screw the border, right? and i'm not talking about the type of screwing that hunter and are involved in. i'm talking about ourewing tr president that's absolutely screwing the border. but here's my solution. when i run forreen the presiden, i'm going to take the 277,000 followers or borrowers and makef them work for it, because that's what our youth are not t used to, is having to work for things, put them on the border and put some vests on them and make them protect the border. bord actually have to work for k that money. that's how you want to pay off your debt. >>ahavere going to build us wall, you little freaks. by the way, that reminds me, mrd l. paley, remember?

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what's your face? aoc madee what it, said we need to forgive their debt so they can actually go and get acl more school, like go to grad school or travel. ou so, like, would you forgive this loan? we'll just take out another. >> and you're going to forgive that one, too? yeah. the no, these are these are stupid also.d people. i mean, be clear. i love your list. your lizzo joke, though. can i just s owe tag becausecaus i genuinely laughed out loud? >> you don't know this, but lizzinelyudo is actually single and ready to pringle. all right. yeah. that joke was terrible. >> liked it. but let me. but. but stick with me. okay. first of all, school loan all forgiveness is a scam for every point you made, which is that the people are being lon to payf the loans who didn't take them out. >> imagine what a slapt take thl it is to people like me who went to community colleg e way and it the right way by givingva a guy a bag of weed. >> the registrar's offic ae. but it's just amazing to think to the point that they're buying votes . g the guy is still polling at 38%, meaning there are more people would rathestill r pay

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the loan than put up with another four years of this. >> and that'put up with anots k. yeah, it's kind of amazing. amazing dagen what drives meg. crazy is the constant use of wha the word forgiveness.e wo >> and i realize that ifiv they can do this with thisenesss loan, you could apply the word forgiveness to anything like, you know, jail sentences or any i mean, just you pick it to go, you know, we're going to forgive the time, right?e th but in this case, this money is ours. welly is, you know me. >> i don't forgive. yes, that will ever. and i never forget. and the american people aren'trt going to forget this because what's happened, biden and compans becaus hasy have told ta majority of americansst that almost 90% of americans have no student loan debt. >> so they have told all of us, screw you.r part yeah, but here's your part of the bill. soof the now that bond trader,

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tradhall from me, has had his entire mba forgiven, and he's going to buy his girlfriend like a new, eveni bigger set up reserves. >> yes. so paeven every time she bounces pt my door, i'm going to be i reminded. i wait for those pai trump shoud do but zoom forgiveness. so think about it. okay. that was the first time i heard that stat. about 90%,e i've 90% of the cou, doesn't have. that's pretty incredible. there are more people thatents have implants. >> tyrus, you don't got to wait prespresident trump. i start that right now because you have to pay thosn ste off. and we'll take on all the four minute animal commercials. yeah. i'll come on there with ac real sad face and talk about all shomh e needs.s is two >> is two more sizes

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and cheaper. your your 199 a month from puerto rico. confidence in the self-esteem wd they need to travel in the world. and then right after commercial with high salaries again you get you have a flat but starting to get more women with big to where they need to go only to 99 a month. >> you keep you know, you can get a car gets it added. >> yeah sure>> you get a t-shird you will get a t-shirt and an eight by ten of their new yes that you can put over your bed.r >> and yes, you should babies you go sleep. a it's going to be every month. every month you get a new picture. yes. ere's >> and here's the beautiful thing about mine. you don'tht have to adopt just one. >> he's got you could have a baker's dozen of beautiful bijou. >> what is it?

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basic baker's dozes.n is 13. >> yes, yes. well, you like that? >> it's more of a recall, you know. >> an >> how do you want to comment on this topic? is do we sto wood yo tp? what >> i forgot what it was. jeremyit, you're supposed to ask for forgiveness. >> yeah, not get it. yes, you know, so they don't. once again, the progressives don't know the words that theyis use. and it's great because the guy that they tell to say it doesn't know what they'r e guele saying. >> yeah beautiful happened. all right, out of breath. up next in a press conference thriller, korine gives condolences to a killer. flying try killing bugs. the worry freeway not the other way. way. zero traps use light to attrac trap flying insects with no odor and no mess. . so you don't have to. tsavo people friendly bug deadly you should you that and what and you then i mean

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it. >> little miss obtuse comes oute to support the juice. yeah, okay. jp, sorry. so died but left out a double homicide. the >> video of the day comes fromhe the white house press secretary. karine jean-pierre white hou, who awkwardly expressed her condolences on o.j. simpson's yesterday. >> hit it. our thoughts are with or with his families during this difficult time, obviously with his famil dy and loved onea and i'll say this. i know that they have asked for privacy and so we're goingll to respect that. we'll leave it there. >> oh, but yeah, so no mention of the victims. instead, she referred only to o.j. simpson, whicof tadhandabl is understandable, she's probably gotten used to speaking on behalf of a dead pry. h all right. i'm going to give her the. okay. >> hey, jimmy. yeah? do you think she knew who o.j. was? >> oh, that felt like

12:22 am

a complete. she could have said that about isten . listen to me. you kind of said it at the top of the show. she's stupidtoyo the to. id. but somebody did. but there's there's more to it. that.reg: mor yeah, she has no idea. but k.j. thought the white bronco was john elway. >> yes. >> we had no idea she doesn't. and by the way you know awkwardt this is for me do you know i drive a white bronco? hi d i drive a new and my wife has never behave better. >>my w but no, no, no. back to the house. >> what? it speaks to whether or not sheo knew about it or not is this wea is the biggethr problem with thr administration. and we've talked about this with other issues. they havhiadmitse more empathy n the criminal than the victim. that's what every one of the walk bail reforms does and everything else like that. so in their eyes, o.j.thil is, as much of a victim as they were, which is stupid. >> well, i think. okaym thee ou so. >> dig in. so let's say she died. she doesn't know this story, which is amazing in itself. >> she be bothered to doogle a google search and this is the

12:23 am

real story. she must be so unpopular, unpopular with her staff, none of them bothered to tell her. sa so sh oe goes. >> somebody goes, hey, t you going to have to mention that oj simpson died? she goes, oh, he was a heismantp trophy winner. >> oh, reallhy wy? >> and what football? it was for football and he played for the oc and then they all go up, up, they set>> t her up. they set her up. no. then she came back. are you sure this guy is popularhee camek or yousure ? >> he was in those naked guns. yes. oh, okay. was in t nthat guy. >> yeah. all right, let's do it. it it is jay >> no, there's no way shese i doesn't know, because i checked to see how old she was, and sh e was a freshman in college. oh, really? in 1994. frn co are freshman in college doing sitting around watching the bronco chas freshel yeah. yeah. so my only theor y is somebod actually asked the old put in charge what they shouldke abt about oj and all of biden's points of referenc

12:24 am

e are 40rs to 50 years ago because he has no short term memory. >> s o he immediately goes to run juice run juice, go. oh, i used to run jumping luggage in the house. i love those bought fair minds that juice was pitchingught on the tv. oh, give them thoughts and prayers and privacy you know, he has no memory of anything that happened after like 85. >> that was my theory. but that's why i think you've given jo too much credit. >> i think he thinks oj simpson is bart's brother. all right. i want to. yeah, the last is about be out of the building. >> oh, give us >> okay. i want to bring up. so marc lamont hill postedpamoni on on ex he's a professor he used to do redeye years ago he said yep oj he killed two people in cold blood but his acquittal for was correct ws

12:25 am

and necessary and a necessary result of a racist legalinal system. >> he was still a monster, not a martyr he . that, yeah, he's a murderer,that but so what i a i have toe to give him credit for sayingg what what leftists won't say, but at the same timwon't sae. what you said something to me this morning that blew my mindsm . >> you see this pattern? which one stopped calling me>> o 6:00 in the morning? >> i know about hamas. that's. yeah. okay, so he was acquitted by a jury of his peers, right. and he gave wae he gave his birh to the media with 24 hour media that we have today. journalism was dead. it became opiniour hour medi wnf thing. but here's the thing. but the progressive agendaeeling is anti pro hamas oj falls under the hamas mindset so the jews and newcomers get recognized in the white house but victims of murder the goldman family have to this

12:26 am

and all this stuff and all reliv the jokes and everything famil they lost family members so i mean in the brown family groun and their thing is, well, the reason why he killed was because of the oppressivehy h was white oj wasd by white people like oj was loved by everybody. ved th white people really loved the jews. yeah. . aye >> he was on everything. and he had at that had time the black community was calling him a sellout, was calling him u uncle tom and all these things. and when they went down, he up a at a black church to meet with people. >> and i remember the little lady h peop was, why are you here?y >> yeah, but that's what it is. that's what it is. he they will support hamas and and oj before they will support anyone named goldmane they. gon that's what it is.t you forget nothing. she said it. this is our narrativforget ae s >> this is what we believe.m th and they will not break from the plan. yeahe, it's the parallel is very is is that when somebody

12:27 am

is talking about hamas, they will go yeah they did a really bad thing on october 7th. but you know it's against israel anddon't we what it is ad he said but -- but he's doing that but that is it they go hamas di s d a really bad thing but it was against this terrible thing a hamas they're doing that with yeah oj killed these people killedin t these people but in the context of race those people deserved it. >> well that's the scam though. it's the moral equivalencepeoplr trying to draw because what they said when o.j. got off is it like, well, you knowjo the rodney king cops didn't go to jail. but you understand nicole browtn beat rodney king.ey so it doesn't really apply. bet the death is obviously significant because of who he was. yeah. and is also is a player. ca who hd alsohe's nfl's all tie in fleeing yardage, which is not nothing. all right. truly, i can i can before you are just it's just so annoying. >> yeah it's realln just.

12:28 am

y awful shameful. you know so yeah but your ou actually i don't mind your outfit tonight. i think. >> no, i'm only kidding, you know, but i findyo that is just so ignorant because, i mean, of course she knows who he is. i mean, who doesn't know who oaj simpson is? so let's not give her a pass on that. she is stupid. i will not give her pass. theret's notrpasshe'se. but this was a 97. and meanwhile, he was acquitted on the murders. he was felas i he wat responsibh the deaths of two people. they didn't even acknowledge that whatsoeve tr. i d i remember i was in college and i did watch the bronco chase and everybody was gluewa h to television sets. everybody in the world knows if he was a white man. and there were two blackictims victims. i guarantee you that the white house's response would e wh different today. they wouldn't have even acknowledge them or they would have acknowledged the victimeve so it's absolutely just like you said, i know we're going all guys, i want to geone thint arsalan, i hate to disagree. tp callingero her ignorant and stupid. >> we have to stop calling the left that they are committeavd their cause. yeah, period. they're not stupid because of someone stupid and ignorant. >> you can teach them. you cad and ignoran debate themc educate them, have a conversation with them.

12:29 am

anythingonn with t that we saidy they would come back with. >> we were all israel suppor wt a racist, toxic males, etc.y ar etc. they are committed to their cause and they don't mind givineto theg us the middle finger because they're in the seat right now. >> i get to get called a toxic male seat rigalled day. >> can i use your hashtag? i know we got it. >> to move on, but i got to cute to the most interesting fact that i learned was from jesse, believe it or not, who taught no fact. >> ste steve doocy. his wife is thvee womas n in the hertz commercial who throws the keys to o.j.. is that not true? >> i do. hat is they. she dodged a knife out next to mom have to trade skirts to mom have to trade skirts for oversizesplurged shirts. e i love your dress. i love your dress. oh thanks.t? i splurged a little because i splurged a little because liberty mutual customizei've bed my car insurance and i saved

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mom's too hot for brad. all right, dig in. a woman looking for advice online says her teenag it,e son asked her to dress more modestly and stop wearing makeup because his friendse hi think she's hot. the son is embarrassed by hisssb mom's attractiveness. is that really his mom's problem? >> she said, i don't wear too flashy or revealing, but i do like to enhance my featurey ors with makeup. i'm guessing this mom dresses likeith make a . by god. and it is why i'm thinkingat je what jeff bezos is soon to be. >> ex-wife. mm. >> or future ex-wife. exess like at that white shindig where she's either got sad cleavage, but cleavage orr t just the giant crevasse right in the front. yeah, she's trying to act like, oh, it's my son's probleont shen

12:35 am

i'm like, no. everybody is, like, hypnotized by you'syoner, you know, again, i'm looking looking down to see if there are any, like, giblets of corn that fell down in there after dinner. julie you know, i think that we live in a different time than when i was growing up. i never noticen whend friends, d like they were kind of ay different specieweres. >> yeah, but they wore mom b jeans, but that's why. oh, they didn't even have jeanks . yeah. and their social media posts. and i think it's a house coated over 40 or 50 and being super hot on social media is allsocial the rage. but i'm going to defend this mom only. i mean, she probably does dress like aial the ragel defend butg with that? i think more power to her as a mom who is fat as at some point in my life, i mean, i my lif mye every time i laughed, sneezed or like smelled somethinselfg a. >> so like, i went through, you know, i had three kids. why look not so greas t? u ever

12:36 am

>> i don't know if you've everto imagined it, but it wasn't pretty. and but even if i haven't>> gre answered that question, i woulde go to h.r.. >> yeah. yeah, i'd walk you in. let's go. go to know. m it's not me this time it's you.i but i personallys time have donr a little transformation of my. myself and ion of actually if hv i mean, i finally have, like, i've lost £40. ei want to stay, and i actually can see there's muscles under the layersf fat, of fat. like. like they call them six packs. yeah. sixpas ofgot like a two pack. but yeah, i'm working on it. so i actually want to start dressing like. >> s tupo no kids. mommy's not sleeping around. she's just like a . that's a great t-shirt. no more power to her for being able to do that aftert-sh giving birth to these little. >> yeah, no, that's an achievement. >>sthe way, a lot of the mom in their thirties, it's. >> maybe they're just dressing their age. listenr the , i get. it's weird if your mom is stacked. yeah. your friend's mom's, but the doa

12:37 am

bora's here for a dollar 99 and >> gfor you and your mom can be dressing like a to love it yout we don't do that. thriving. do you know how much money we >>uld make uow hy wep? >> and also get the money covered? like if we would changhow mae? g and it's not just young girls. some of you silver foxes in the crowire ofd baby. let's get that said. got your bridal, okay? no. yeah. this is going to end with tyra having a reality show in the villages called golden girls gone wileality shod. first off, sag harbor bag share terrible. >> did you have hot moms when you were in child the 60s?

12:38 am

>> everyone watching will appreciate this. >> ee will ws hot. tm wa >> and this is the point i wantt to make to this kid. okay. ifo t his starts covering up, those friends aren't coming over anymore sta. e no, being hot, mom guy is like being guy who suddenly hasr yo a car. you're tractive for reasons you aren'tu . >> but imagine the awkwardness of this conversation. likene i felt awkward asking my mom for money for a baseball bat. can you imagin me being hey, ca you put your away? >> you know, kids aw but -- buto relate because my son has asked me not to show so muche of . i'm walking around, i'm working out. i've got some covers in my i hv officee . all right, let's move on. >> think we really covered thatv ? >> coming up, our responses never fail whee surroundn. >> we answer viewer mail tweetsi . they have you surrounded. take your lawn baths

12:39 am

take your lawn baths with scott's staffngong. terrific action. it gets started. one of the skills reads comments. comcast keeps it growing strong. get a bag of scott's triple action today. it's peter long. >> feed it right now. someone could be listed as the owner of your home. it's stealing thousands of dollars of your hard earned equity. anybody who owns property should worry about home titles out. there's no other crime that is so easy, so quick and lucrative. your home, your equity and your peace of can all be stolen in one fell swoop by home. title like matthew cox. nobody thinks that i can take their house. nobody thinks that, believe it or not, a single page document is all it takes to transfer proof of ownership out of your name. people think. look, there's a whole huge process, but the truth is, it's a one page document, but it still must get. through one final barrier, the county clerk, when someone comes with fraudulent deed, if it's notarized and all the spaces are in, we by statute have to accept that we cannot give it

12:40 am

back to them and say, we know this is fraudulent, we're not going to file it. that's against the law. it's a false sense of security. it's not real bottom line is, yes, it happens and we can't stop it from happening. and it only takes once for it to stay new. and it's a very sad thing to. watch. you've put your your love into the house and all of a sudden it might not be yours. it's a devastating crime for pennies a day. home title. lock the monitor title nonstop ,alerting you to suspicious activity. you get a warning notice that this first step has happened. you can stop the rest meet. terry. he signed up for home title lock and was immediately alerted suspicious activity. so i received the report and saw, hey, i have a lane against my property that i didn't know about. >> we got it fixed right away. and if you call in the next 15 minutes and mention promo code, lock it, you'll receive first 30 days. absolutely free. what would it do to your life if you lost your property?

12:41 am

>> i mean, there's no price. >> you can put all that go online or call now. >> one 809 384485 victims of mesothelioma and their families may entitled to receive a cash reward from the estimated $30 billion in this business. >> trust funds now available over $50 billion has been awarded already. if have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or lung cancer caused by asbestos. >> so call the number on your screen. now. we have served victims of mesothelioma and their families nationwide for over 30 years. we have successfully recovered hundreds, millions of dollars for thousands of our clients, even if a family member has passed due to mesothelioma, you may still be entitled a cash award. so call now for your free evaluation. >> we want to help victims of mesothelioma and lung cancer and your families get the financial compensation you deserve from the estimated $30 billion in trust funds now available if or a loved one has

12:42 am

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12:43 am

all right we got time forav a quick one question from boomer 61 asks what's the best k decade for music and why? oh, i say eighties all day, jimi. well, i actually like the 80s the best while. why give it up for everybody over 45? give it up for them. because in all in all honesty pop 40 in the 80s was integrated so you might hear run-d.m.c. but then heark it madonna. i think it had more range and i liked eighties hair bands. def leppard pour some sugar on me now come well that yeah right yeah well at their age it's pour some splenda it's no t sugar but i like i specifically like the 80s music and i think i e e the comingus of age of mtv paralleled that with videos i loved the thriller videobecause mtv . >> that was amazing. although can we agree that looking back now, the mostc shocking part of the thriller video is that michael had a girlfriend.

12:44 am

not of w, anyway. all right, again, the 70s. >> well, yeah, just for just the bands, not so much the of t music, but the allman brothers and the band fors of but then ao just the stooges part. he sev yeah. the 70s you could you had metael folk and punk in ten years and disco and i would go and just the jams and full of disco cars oh man this is going to go overt real good with this grouhip. >> the 90s busters split specifically. whoa. well, i didn't say yes. >> it was when gangster rap was born. n.w.a. and ic this ise cube, man, thats like, that's what i mean. >> i started there, like, you could talk a about. >> i was like, i'm in it. i was down with it and i, yeahte truly, i'm going with the

12:45 am

seventies. that's all i listen to. yeahn wit, a little different c selections. chliked, you know, like christopher cross, the bgs really. >> it's all i listen to. yeah. i'm like a much older woman. dio i'ke ad you hang around a lt at dental offices. did you have a lot of like, a lot of time on the elevator? yeah, yeah, yeah. i love elevator. yeah, a lot of the. but it's romanti icc. >> oh, it is romantic. i also feel that it was just much easier to be, like, alive t then. i mean, not alive. i was alive, but i wasn't like, a grown upo beas. i was just. e mot's more like nostalgia for childhoored, like, being a woman must have been so much easier. >> like they weren't really into shaving back that i don'tov think, oh, you know, we're talking about the same seventies. i think every other song was. about being with an underage girl. yeah>> are w same lord, rambling woman are we this in 60? >> yeah. yeah. g: buy t >> okay. yeah, that back there, by the way, if the 70s, if thosee people still alive, they'd

12:46 am

all be nae tud e. >> oh, all of them.of yeah. i mean their songs were about, were bragging. they were under age. one of the greatest songs of the seventies. it's on the cove. r of rollingf stone by dr. hook. >> yeah. he goes, we have a little teenag g stone hee blue eyed groupieen who does anything we say. yeah, that that's an actuaaged >> yeah, yeah. g that would hold up in a court of law. by the way, don't googled hold lyric at work. >> yes, that's, you know, i guess i have to say, you know what? i'm going to be different. go to 2000 rule because that was the kind of the birthec of likausee electronica i rememr t at was that was when that kind of camkinde in. >> but i'm like really the seven. yeah. oh, good. >> adam. boy, we have time. whoa. okay. all right. okay. how about this? if you were a ghos we havt, who would you haunt to haunt? >> oh, god. i don't know. i biden. i would. i would hunt, i would haunt joe biden, and i would creepily give him a bit of a taste

12:47 am

of his own medicine, like whisper in his ear while hisr wl he's trying to give a speech just to further confuse hi m. i've got to be careful that he could flip it on you and start doing it to you becausem he's dead, too. >> yeah. yeah, you cannot you cannotyou a haunt a dead person. >> t deau t ond virus.g: you >> who would i haunt? whic ch mama. so that's where my money went. that's where money went. who's that? no, i wouldn't hurt anybody,n' man. >> i would just go awat hauny, you know? >> that would just go away. that's really. >> i'm dead. i'm going. i'm leaving. you know what? i'm in a hot a c, i'm on f my favorite sports teams, and it's going to sit somewhere' ,get up that courtside seat with the floating beerer i' is haunted at that point, because. that's right, dagon. s that not a place where you'd like to be? >> you know, i would. all the ex-boyfriendswo

12:48 am

excurrently have hexesul on rigt no-bw. that's a lot. yeah. jimi, i kind feel like this f person is a stalker, because what is hauntingee? >> like, who do you want to spy on? yeah, i mean, no, it's just spying. it's torture. yeah, i know. but if we're going to stick >> w presidential, i just want trump. i want trump. nothing against him. i just want to be aroundouldp, i think i'm going to go with tiresias i'm going to findl a place like i'll just like i'll jusht hot the locker room for, uh, stop it. you know i get it. >> i get it. okay, i get it. he would be some music hall m somewhere. >> yeausicalh, i have migraines all day now. definitely the locker room, but i won't say, which one of bt next? >> swim. walk i, fly. these animals caught our eye. >> south dakota has the blueprint for success.

12:49 am

recently, we led the nation in new home building. but we're still growing so fast. we need to hire more builders to keep up. so i am pitching in. south dakota is the freest in the nation. we have no state income tax and we apprenticeship training so you can get right to work south dakota. freedom works here. $41 o oh, we're going to caln l that a skylight i got the thousand dollar camera for only $41. this on deal that deal online auctions since 2009, this playstation five sold for only $0.50. this ipad pro sold for th less thais kn, $34. and this nintendo switch sold for less than $20. i got this kitchenaid stand mixer for only $56. .com g i got this barbecue smoker for 26 bucks. and shipping is always free. >> go to deal bascombe right now and see how much you can save. >> unbelievable. have you ever seen anything like do we have your attention

12:50 am

yet? >> is this the new face of the great american race? is this how you dance on the razor's age photo? how you find a diamond in the desert and how you beat the heat with this gladiator? be the last man standing who's going to take from the rest of the pack. let's do it. last question. are you not in? okay, page reporting, missing person travel influencer. last seen this morning. the governor just declared state of emergency. no buildings on lockdown. no one of kids out there and they are in trouble. you're going to sit commissioner heck, do whatever it takes you about when she disappeared. anybody? it's my job. and you have no idea you walking into to alert and people on tuesday night on fox want to see gutfeld live in new york come be a pak you.

12:51 am

12:52 am

if you love all the birds and trees, all the fish is in the seas. >> if you think videos of pets is as good as it gets, the sick is a year. >> we hope your furry dreams come true. it's time to celebrate because, my friends animal friends take

12:53 am

it away. >> julie. oh, i'm going to go with the raccoon. i love animals. i have s o many in my house.use ma many of them are actually humans, but are likenythem. but i mean, look at this. he isn't making a mess. ihe's not doing anything wrongn look at this little raccoon. okay, preciousythiat. jail w and he looks like he just got out of jail. yeah, which reminds me a lot of the story. t he this raccoon. no, he just likes to lay indoors and ge tt pet, so he's ine a draw. >> reminds me of some people i come from. juli e from.e the internet. okay. does all video come from these games? ally >> yeah. so, you know, generally, you know, i want to knowh about what's going on with this raccoon. >> you actually think i read the article? i just feewant t l. to be honest, craig, it looks. like he's being harassed a little bit. ye>> to be hs. i said guy he seems raise his hand like, bro. seriously? yeah, yeah, yeah. i said the shoulder. yeah, i look at him. got into the raccoons drawers. e >> all right. i like that part full story. okay. mine is a squirrel that politely asks a drink

12:54 am

of water at grand canyon national park. watch. how nice the squirrek of l is.g wavi look, looking, waving, grabbing and i just want to compliment how good looking the squirrels are ati just grand national nat park. yeah. have you gotten to central park? are squirrelpark hs have tattoo, you know what i'm saying? they'll take the bottle right from you. yeah. i didn't know you were doing this segment. it means a lot to mere doing bee i'm an animal guy. >> we recently put a catpu to sleep in my house. i no, no, don't feel bad. i actually made the other cat watc h. so. so it knows we're not afraid i to make some changes in thiss administration. you know, get your act together. i knewadministration, that wasg somewhere. >> i'm a vegan and, a mole. >> i do not know this dog's name, but i'm him. kevin. kevin. k kevin is jusnoe t lettingno the his humans know they have got a garbage so far. it' >> cracks in it, it's ripped. and so he's just helping them

12:55 am

out and reminded t. w >> go buy a new day. i'm so far, kevin homeboy buried it might even help. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. it looks it look. eves they wen to the beach together. >> the carpet. kevin, the greens thaten carpeting. no, that's the guts of the couch. oh, wow. ts omike got to get new glasses. >> all right. taurus. so some of my new additionsaddii to my exotic flower collection came in. myh excited about these guys. al >> these guys all the way fromnd thailand. well, i know that. >> feeling i don't come here. these are amazing. >> but they have juice, too, right here. i thoughse standt that. >> so those are my flowers. some of the lovely ladies, the ones the males, the big knots on their head. and that big, big, fat face do right there. well, he's got a big head and a little body. so we'll call him. >> gutfeld oh, here he is. great.

12:56 am

that's one of his future wives . >> these are incredible. nhese are cool, are fu] and they come all the way from thailand and that's called the indo flower. >> how do they how do they do they are they flown in tanks? >> obviously. yes. great. i have a whole tank, my mini >>t. my star trek is not working. no, greg they stickwith them in a bag with some air and say good luck. >> they it in a box and ship ite overnight to you. i wonder if they know actually flew. >> nah these these are clearly. being orderedd thailand and driven in from delaware. yes don't go we'll be rightase fr back. we'll be rightase fr back. you know if you were cash back and could earn on everything with just one car chase, freedom unlimited. so if you're off the rack or crab tracking your cash back in cash home, flapjacks, baby back cash home, flapjacks, baby back tacos at the taco shacsilent rk. i'm working on my six pack switch to a king sweet, silent retreat, silent retreat.

12:57 am

>> oh, what up? you're our kids. all right now, man, some cash back on everything about chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cash back? chase, make more of a choice. >> good morning, nicholas. good, good, good morning. yeah. trichoplax chewy kiwifruit bites for fast and gentle bites for fast and gentle constipation relief in as little as 30 minutes, making your good morning even better it's. relax. i will bless those who. >> bless you. it's almost passover here in israel and across the former soviet union. who are need ofbut we're findis of destitute elderly jews who are alone and in need of basic food. >> it is in that realm. the vet is a holocaust survivor to day. >> she keeps saying, >> she keeps saying, my refrigerator is empty wow. she's embarrassed to ask for.

12:58 am

>> help. it is there need, as you can see, is extremely urgent right now. you can give a gift of life of $25. the internet tional fellowship of christians and jews will bring comfort in foodyou c to run syria and thousands of otheria. such a hard life and to see the smile that you can save a life just like ramzi are, your special holiday gift will provide everything so ex they need to celebrate the holy season of passover. >> ramzici i saw this martha tht the fellowship brought her for passover. m partne family from her childhood. th family from her childhood. i'm partnering with thele family from her childhood. th international fellowship of christians and jews. >> this trusted ministry is giving christians like me a way to tangibly bless jewish people who are in need around the world a life saving $25

12:59 am

gift helped send a volunteer"i l and urgently needed survival food box. people"e for less than $1 a da, pleasee"e for less than $1 a da, and comfort the jewish people.p i will save a life today. >> please call or go online now and say i will bless these people. >> israel how does climb inspector get among most big verdicts and settlements of any law firm in the country? because inspector is an award winning team with five doctor lawyers, the most of any firm in the united. and that's why the new york times calls klein inspector a powerhouse law firm. so if a defective motor vehicle accident or medical malpractice caused a catastrophic injury, call klein, inspector. >> i was so excited to buy my first home.

1:00 am

but i needed a lot of work done on it. i went on to and jamie was the first person to call. i explained to her some of the things i could do. he showed her some pictures. he's resurfaced, my flooring, he's done plumbing work. he's refinished this beautiful table here. >> we need to send it for a week. well, it won't be dead end with top rated certified pros in over hundred categories. angie can connect you with the right pro for any project. >> find top rated certified pros in your area at angie aecom love the king of late night. >> i look great tonight shop now for must have gutfeld merchandise t-shirts hats you name it there's only one of me and celebrate your favorite show by now at shutdown >> a editor david jimmy bell taking the dow down guyn i'm rachel campos-duffy and this is a special edition of thew york "ingraham"

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