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plan. all we are saying is be frugal for a season so later you can live like no one else and go on the crazy vacations because i'll tell you come i have traveled with dave, he is not frugal these days. he may have been back in the day when he was broke but there is a time and place for that spending and it is not when you are broke. you have to get out of that and get your head above water and that is why i wrote the book, "breaking free from broke," to help people of all ages rise above that. >> neil: i told my kids, your mother and i are keeping everything in whatever is left over goes to the dog. thank you, george. wise advice. so the spending continues, and so does it in washington. right now, here is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone. i'm dana perino along with judge jeanine pirro, richard fowler, jesse watters, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 inew york city and mrs. "the five." ♪ ♪

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one of the most controversial americans of our time, o.j. simpson, dead at 76 after a bout with prostate cancer. he is regarded as one of the greatest running backs of all time and used his sports fame to turn himself into a household name. he started hertz commercials an. but everything changed night of june 12th, 1994, when simpson's ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ronald goldman were found brutally stabbed to death in the courtyard outside her home in l.a. o.j. charged with their deaths. he was tried and eventually acquitted in the trial of the century. [siren sound enclosed >> his point is, it is a pursuit, and unfortunately it has a lot of mitigating circ*mstances because of the high profile of the proposed suspect that is inside the vehicle, could possibly be and appears at this time o.j. simpson. >> in front of the jury, o.j. simpson tried on the gloves

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prosecutors say he was wearing the night he murdered his ex-wife. he tried to show the gloves do not fit. >> it doesn't fit. if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> we, the jury, find the defendant orenthal james simpson not guilty of the crime of murder in violation of penal code section 187, a felony upon nicole brown simpson. >> dana: o.j. was sued separately by the goldmans and the browns in civil court for wrongful death where a jury found him liable. the goldman family speaking out about his death saying, the only thing i have to say is, it's just for the reminder of ron being gone all these years. it's no great loss to the world. is a further reminder of ron's being gone. judge jeanine, i mean, it was interesting to listen to some of the younger producers today, who didn't, you know, live through it. they might have watched the documentary about it or the reenactment of that show that was on it, but for those of us to live through it -- and i am sure from your lens is a lawyer and a judge -- >> judge jeanine: i was one of

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the talking heads. >> dana: that is why we have you here today. >> judge jeanine: yes, yes. i was a city d.a. at the time and i will never forget june 12th. i had just been elected to the d.a. in westchester county in new york, and one of the guys, had my whole office at my house for a barbecue, one of the guys came out and said, boss, o.j. simpson is in a white bronco and the police are chasing him, so a few of us went into the kitchen. we couldn't figure out what was going on. and then we realized, we went into the den because there were a lot more of us, that he was supposed to show up at the police department and turn himself in. he refused to do so, so, you know, we are all of these prosecutors together saying consciousness of guilt, this is flight. but what we didn't realize that night was that this was the beginning of one of the most sensational trials, if not the most sensational trial of the century. the media was fascinated. the public was fascinated. the public had never seen a courtroom. they had never seen a trial.

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people would run home from work and say, i've got to watch the trial. i got to see what was going on. and i am so many others, i mean, i stayed as d.a. and i was a judge before that, but i didn't go into television from there, but so many people got their jump into television from this. but one of the most significant parts of this is the united states and people in this country were all involved in this shared experience of what the criminal justice system is like, and the new dna. what did it mean? how significant was it? what about the pcr? what about all of the other different types? and then there was the undercurrent of racism in this trial, that because of mark fuhrman was brought to a head, and there were so many people who were very critical of the decision by the jury here. in this trial that ran for nine months. and ran for nine months. i mean, people made careers out of this.

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and the jury made the decision in less than four hours. and i remember being on live television at the time and they came in and focused on all of us, and, you know, this was a jury of eight blacks and two mixed race and i believe to whites. and there were many who believed that because of the racism, because of the issues that mark fuhrman was involved with, that the goldmans and that nicole brown simpson were literally paying for the sins of the fathers. and there has always been this question about, is he guilty or isn't he? you know, for those of us who understood the forensics and the dna and all of the other stuff going on, you know, the idea that the glove didn't fit -- give me a break. the glove was covered with bl blood. the blood shrunk. of course he couldn't get his hands in the gloves. but, you know, you accept the decision of the jury, and of course he got burnt later in the civil case, where he barely paid any of the money, but the public fascination with this, it

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began a whole new and of people with crimes stories and court tv and all of us who love this and made this part of our careers, we were happy with that now on we had juries who understood what dna was, they understood direct circ*mstantial evidence. >> dana: i could ask you 20,000 more questions but richard fowler, from your perspective? >> richard: listen, i want to pick up where the judge left off because i remember this case -- i was in the third grade when this verdict came out, and i remember sitting in class when the teacher played it on the red radio. i remember the reaction i had because, to the judge's point, this case was rife with a race because there was so much -- to understand the prism of the o.j. simpson trial you have to understand what was happening in l.a. at that time, right, two years prior to this, there was the rodney king beating that was caught on tape in 1991, those four officers that a change of venue to venue to simi valley and they were acquitted after beating rodney king, so there was just tension in the air, and if you go back -- we were

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talking with the producers in the green room before the show, you could literally watch the footage and see two americans, people who were neighbors, one -- black people saying this is great, and white people crying, at the same time, watching this verdict, despite the evidence, just because of where we were as a country and just how rife the racial tension was around the l.a.p.d., i think that was sort of made worse by the mark fuhrman tapes that had come out in the middle of the trial. it's just an interesting moment in history, but to the judge's point, too, it also created the cable news cycle, the 24-hour media, this idea you can follow a case and these true crime stories in this narrative that we now live in was created by this case, by the o.j. simpson trial, and here we are, a lot of years later. >> dana: here we are, prime time. >> jesse: just a little bit older than richard, i was 16 when this happened, used to come back from practice and watch the case and i do remember exactly what you said and realizing how divided the country was. i think come as a white guy, i was ke, wow, this guy is a

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killer. he just got away with murder. the evidence is obvious. and then use the images of black america celebrating -- and i'm not saying all black america felt that o.j. was innocent. i am saying that, when you see people cheering and then explaining, good, you know, finally we have someone who looks like us use the justice system in their favor. and it was almost like a wake-up call, people realized, wait a second, maybe this system isn't always about justice. maybe it's about money. and o.j. simpson was so wealthy, and to the judge's point, i finally started admiring these defense lawyers. these guys, they called the agreement know my dream team, you paid these guys so much money and it was almost like thd superpowers. i was dazzled the johnnie cochran, hanging on every word he said, i couldn't believe it. not only did the glove shrink because of the glove, judge, he advised o.j. to stop taking his

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arthritis medications of his knuckles had swollen. you look at the dna evidence and wait a second, this stuff can get contaminated. thankfully, years later, the chain of custody has now gotten perfect where you don't even let anybody breathe near this thing. i just want to say my heart goes out to the goldman family, the brown family. it does look like the estate now owes them almost $100 million because o.j. -- i don't know how he did it, he avoided somehow not paying these people almost a dime. i hope they collect. >> dana: are you going to say how old you were, greg? >> greg: i was born. so it's nice to hear from all these old people. i got to say, this one really hurts. it's funny, i always think of that car rental commercial when i am running through the airport after stabbing two people. did you know that steve doocy's wife was in that commercial? she's the one who tosses the car keys to o.j. i think she really dodged a bullet, or at least a knife.

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i think o.j.'s real crime was making jeffrey toobin famous. some facts about o.j. come he left behind five children, and other people he didn't murder. he dies holding, i guess, the record for the average rushing yards per game. and most stabs in a brentwood driveway. do we really know he is dead, though? maybe we should ask in l.a. jury. they might declare him alive. who's going to search for the real killer now? i hear jussie smollett is free, he has been searching for those other trumpers, maybe he can pack this in. one oh to khloe kardashian, you may have lost a dad but you still have two moms. so now justice -- my lesson here is justice is wholly fallible if it can be throttled from outside forces. you can't get a fair trial, and that wasn't a fair trial to the victims. so you need to apply that lesson to now. we are in a political and a

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social and emotional climate we are getting a fair trial is hard to get. and as much as you hate derek chauvin, right, you still know that trial was unfair, thanks to the documentary, "the fall of minneapolis," and michael avenatti agrees there is no chance of a fair trial for trump in new york or else the proponents would not mind if he moved it outside of new york. what i learned, it is not about the evidence in the trial, it is where you present it to. it is not about what's inside the courtroom, it's about what's outside the courtroom, and how it applies pressure to the judge and jury, whether the threat of public chaos or media outrage, the o.j. trial showed us what would and what could come when the court of public opinion trumps the actual court of law. that jerry made a political decision, and emotional decision, but it certainly wasn't a legal one. >> jesse: could make a programming note, tonight we have kato kaelin on "jesse watters primetime." >> dana: great booking.

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♪ ♪ >> judge jeanine: just call him joe antoinette. the white house rolling out the red carpet for a swanky state dinner with the japanese prime minister, while regular americans are feeling the pain from yet another devastating inflation report. washington got to schmooze with big tech billionaires like

2:17 pm

jeff bezos and hollywood celebs like robert de niro. bill and hillary were walking around like they owned the place, even though they are never getting the keys back. and boy, was it a feast. the elites gorging on how scared of salmon, dry aged rib eye steak, and fava beans. and while they got to fill their bellies, new report claims and an alarming number of americans are skipping meals just so they can afford their home. and this has got to sting. a voter panel on biden's favorite cable news show, morning joe, is slamming bidenomics. >> we hear from voters in michigan, wisconsin, and pennsylvania, undecided voters. here are their answers when they are asked about how president biden is doing on the economy. take a listen. >> president trump's policies on the economy would be better for your family, personally, raise your hand. all right, so that is everybody.

2:18 pm

>> accountability. >> he is talking about the economy, the stock market, not looking at homelessness or joblessness, not thinking about how much it cost to go to the grocery store. he has gaslighting literally everyone in the process. >> judge jeanine: but biden's defenders are doing their best to brainwash voters into thinking that the economy is doing great. >> social media and the misrepresentation, disinformation, all of those things are out there, and that is the battle we have to fight, and we have to do a better job of fighting it more effectively. >> we just got breaking news. the consumer price index increased at a faster than expected pace last month. a signal that inflation remains stubbornly high. >> judge jeanine: okay, jesse, i will start with you. even the undecided voters on that panel with morning joe were complaining and basically saying joe is in denial come he doesn't understand how much we are

2:19 pm

hurting. do you think that joe, morning joe, and mika, were trying to send a message to biden? they know he watches every morning. >> jesse: it depends on if they knew what they were going to hear first. i don't know if they knew what the answers were first but that look like, to me, the first time they had interviewed anybody besides themselves. we have johnny. johnny goes out to the streets and he gets the pulse of the people. i don't think they have gotten the pulse. i think their only pulse is the studio. that's not going to cut it. disinformation? they actually put out a report that said inflation is a good thing last year. the expectation is that inflation is going to cool to a point where he is going to come and have a little runway going into november but that is not going to happen so i have a little advice for the libs and richard. because you cannot bring inflation down fast enough, you have to say this. you have to say donald trump will make inflation worse.

2:20 pm

you have to say donald trump will let russia just ripped through ukraine and make putin's price hike even bigger. you have to say trump's tax cuts are going to make inflation worse. you're going to say trump greedy ceo buddies are going to keep gouging you. and the spelling or doesn't even know what the price of milk is come anyway, so don't fall for it. that's what they have to do. now why did i just say that? because i am so bored of saying the same thing for four years! >> judge jeanine: all right, richard, would you like to answer that? jim clyburn says that people are in denial but they are not really seeing how bidenomics is helping them. i mean, people are every day at the grocery store seeing it. >> richard: look, a couple of things. i grew at jesse's point that there is a clear contrast to be made between the current occupant of the white house and the former document of the white house, right? when you hear donald trump talk about the economy that he wants,

2:21 pm

2018, 2017, you rarely ever hear him talk about 2025 or 2026 or 2027 or the plan, what he's going to do with the winds. he just reminisces about the past. i think all of those arguments are true, jesse, thanks for that. >> jesse: going to work because -- >> richard: but i also think that there has to be some contrition from this white house and saying, listen, the inflation is not exactly where we want it to be, right, but here are the things we are doing to make your life easier at home. one thing we are doing is this: we are capping the cost of late fees on credit cards to $8 a month, which means that will save the american people and working families up to $12 billion every year. we have already capped insulin payments to $35 a month for senior citizens. not to mention the fact we have the longest -- the longest sprint of job growth, the gdp growth, and while you are not feeling it yet, these impacts are coming your way because we are working on it and we are

2:22 pm

actively working on it. meanwhile back at the ranch we have a candidate that is talking about the 2020 election or how the economy was doing at 2017 are like you said he doesn't know the price of milk or the price of eggs -- >> jesse: stealing my mind, richard. >> judge jeanine: all right, you know what, dana, richard was saying, you know, they are just not feeling those benefits yet. here's the difference. you go to the supermarket, every day. >> dana: yeah, and if you look -- the increases are incredible, for the stuff that you really need. if you are at the grocery store and you see people looking at their cart and they're like, i have to put this back, right, that's a terrible feeling for anybody. that's happening all across the country, they do have a serious problem. a couple of things about this. one, who is the white house's powerhouse communicator on the economy? they don't have one. they put pete buttigieg out a lot. he's not able to talk about this, right? the press secretary is not convincing people. john kirby has his hands full with national security issues.

2:23 pm

kamala harris is not calling people down about inflation, certainly the president isn't. it's the number one issue. they don't have anybody out there talking about immigration or inflation. i can't figure it out. i don't know what is going on. bernstein is pretty good and if you have him on tv, believe me, he will keep talking and he will never get a word in edgewise and he will try to bang you over the head with it. the other thing is on the undecided voters panel, super interesting about it is msnbc didn't do those interviews. it was separate. mark halperin did that himself and did it on a thing called "two-way," he's going to do several more of these. because nobody else is doing it. he is out there saying, okay, i'm going to have these focus groups and you can take them or leave them. let people know mark halperin from the political world. i think he use to appear on "morning joebut what was really stunning, we didn't show you, mika and joe's face -- mika space in particular -- after they hear from these independent voters come almost as if they started to realize, oh, my gosh, we've got a problem.

2:24 pm

>> judge jeanine: you know, greg, the amazing thing is ron klain, former chief of staff, no one knows the story better than he does. he says he is sick and tired of joe biden -- he ought to go into a supermarket. >> greg: it's funny, i was going to credit msnbc for actually running that, but then i realized they probably didn't even know what they were running. they were so surprised. i'm surprised joe didn't have a cardiac arrest because that is what happens when the media loosens its grip on the narrative. you actually hear the truth. i'm sure they had no idea. i'm sure they were devastated. i'm sure that mika was thinking, oh, my god, if that process is possible. i mean, it just killed my talking points. i was going to give them credit. but here is the problem with the dams, the people who have the power over the purse. money as it grows has diminishing returns. something cost $20, and it now cost 40, that matters to you.

2:25 pm

if you need $200 to cover the cost of what cost $100 before, that hurts, but when biden hears $4 trillion instead of $2 trillion it means nothing to him. this is why a family struggling with food, struggling with food bills, and keep struggling, biden can happily bribe art history majors with billions of our tax money in loan theft because to him it's just pen pennies. >> judge jeanine: okay peered up next, radical rashida tlaib is condemning fox news, but not "death to america." ♪ ♪ you know, when i take the bike out like this, all my stresses just melt away. i hear that. this bad boy can fix anything. yep, tough day at work, nice cruise will sort you right out. when i'm riding, i'm not even thinking about my painful cavity. well, you shouldn't ignore that. and every time i get stressed about having to pay my bills, i just hop on the bike, man. oh, come on, man, you got to pay your bills. you don't have to worry about anything when you're protected

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2:30 pm

and squad congresswoman rashida tlaib is flat out refusing to condemn a group of protesters in her district who chanted "death to america" while at a ramadan rally. but there was something that she was willing to get mad about. >> at a rally in your district, people were chanting "death to america." do you condemn -- >> i don't talk to you people that use racist tropes. >> can't you just say whether or not you condemn people chanting -- why are you afraid to talk to fox? >> fox news is not -- using racist tropes toward my community. i don't talk to fox news. >> "death to america" racist? >> greg: it's kind of interesting, dana, she cites these racist tropes without examples. is it possible she conflates being anti-terror with anti-muslim? and that is actually the racist trope? >> dana: i'm not in rashida's

2:31 pm

head. >> greg: thank god for that. although you probably could fit their peers before may be, that's a good one. the squad went from being this very proud, we'll take on anybody, to oh, my gosh, we won't talk to fox news. as we said yesterday, we have more democrats and independents that watch this show -- this network, excuse me, this entire channel, then all the others. so it is a great place to be. look, hillary is there. here is what i think. she could have had an opportunity. instead we are all just able to look at this, okay, she doesn't want to answer about people in her district chanting "death to america." it's chilling when you hear that audio and see the video. we've played it because i think we need to know. we can't bury our heads in the sand. this is actually happening. you made a good point the other day, believe it or not, but little gazans everywhere, the problem of not having a melting pot and not being cohesive and not wanting to be there. she missed an opportunity. but i have to tell you, i admire

2:32 pm

that hillary vaughn. she is tenacious. talking about young women speaking with their strong voice, and she has got it. >> greg: peter doocy could learn something from her. [laughter] judge, could it be a badge of honor of rashida refuses to talk to you? because it makes you think, who does she want to talk to? hmmm? >> judge jeanine: it's not a badge of honor because if she truly believed that her mission was an important one, she would try to get followers anywhere. what does she think we are going to do to her tape? it's an opportunity to talk to people. i spoke to a congresswoman today, and i said, does rashida tlaib still have the palestinian flag outside of her office? and she said this to me, in real time, it was a palestinian flag and the united states flag is in the corner. i mean, look, here is the bottom line. she says she doesn't endorse --

2:33 pm

she won't condemn it. when what they are talking about his "death to america" and to the whole system. if the system is so rotten in america because we support israel, well, rashida is a part of the system. doesn't she have an obligation to defend herself and what she does? you know, these -- the inability to condemn them shows me that her allegiance is to other than america, which is then corroborated by the palestinian flag in the halls of congress of the united states. you know, and interest income of the january 6th people who were in jail, i don't know if anyone talked about "death to america" or "death to the system." before i'm shocked that flag is allowed. >> judge jeanine: me, too. she said, jeanine, this is real time this afternoon. >> greg: what do you think, richard? >> richard: you know, i think you can condemn saying "death to america." what we saw in the reporting, the dearborn mayor and the

2:34 pm

city council condemned my comments that were mad their city. but look, i think instead of focusing on one member of congress, is important to focus on the fact that we are a democracy and you can come in this country, say "i have a problem with the president's positioning on israel and that's okay. you can say i have a problem with how -- >> jesse: not a very good chant, though. >> richard: are not talking about the chant. people have a philosophical problem with housing that states is supporting israel and in america you are allowed to say that. in gaza, you are not. if you are under the hamas regime, you are not allowed to say that. i think it is very important to focus on that in this moment where the middle east is moving closer and closer to conflict. a report came out of writers today where germany and russia and other european countries are saying, urging restraint as iran and israel move closer and closer to possibly going to some sort of military action for the two of them. in this moment as we talk about the importance of a democracy, where this election will be about protecting the democracy, the foundation of democracy, no matter what side you are on, you

2:35 pm

have the ability to say i disagree with this president and his policies, i disagree with the former president, i disagree with his policies, that's what makes this country great, period. >> greg: in the green room, jesse, you said, you know, i was watching the movie "barbie" last night and i was thinking about america ferrera. how is she holding up when she hears these chants? you know, jesse, i thought that was amazing. >> jesse: who is america ferrera? >> greg: she played the mother. >> jesse: again, i did not watch "barbie" like some people at this table, some men at this table appeared >> greg: thank you. >> jesse: you should not be owning to it today. i'm feeling charitable. give her some advice. say yeah, i condemn and get in the elevator. how hard is that? or if you don't want to engage, you don't say anything. silent treatment. then we are not doing it on "the five." or if you are feeling a little fun, you can big girl her, say hey, hillary, come here, give me the mic, they're not paying paying you enough at fox, you are everywhere, you need a

2:36 pm

drink, have a little fun with it. she could have done a thousand different things. she did the wrong thing. and she didn't even have the evidence. what racist tropes? and she couldn't even spit her words out cleanly. she is a mess. >> greg: all right come on that note, let's move on. ahead, libraries are turning into drug-infested sex dens. ♪ ♪

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♪ ♪ >> jesse: libraries are no longer safe in joe biden's america. my once favorite place to immerse myself in dana's reading list has transformed into rowdy drug and hook up dens. across the country, the ladies to tell you to shush have witnessed everything from public sex, people shooting up, and even assault. it is so bad in san francisco

2:41 pm

librarians are now demanding security guards be stationed at every branch. one poor woman found herself standing between a half dressed man wielding a sharp letter opener and a group of preschoolers. [laughter] i'm going to go to you first, richard. >> richard: i knew it was coming. but i'm ready. >> jesse: what is happening? >> richard: i'll tell you what is happening because i'm in answer to this one. those workers use our there are members of sdi you local 1021 currently bargaining a new collective bargaining agreement and they are asking for more security in their libraries but while that is happening san francisco, was also happening in san francisco is you are seeing a decrease in crime. car break-ins are down 51%, gun violence down 38%, property crimes down 14% from a robbery down 18%, overall crime is down 32%, so the narrative that crime is just rampant and widespread is actually not matching up to

2:42 pm

the statistics. >> jesse: may ask you one question? is a down from last year -- >> richard: no, no, no, down from the pandemic high, i will give you that, don't get me wrong, the height of the pandemic and right after coming out of the pandemic crime was at an all-time high. what we are seeing happening now is crime is decreasing all across the country. in san francisco -- >> jesse: that's not true. >> richard: chicago, atlanta, new york. that's according to the fbi. the data says it. >> judge jeanine: do you really believe that? >> richard: i do believe the fbi. >> jesse: richard, you have not been watching our show. >> richard: the fbi data has been revealed to be flawed. they did a comprehensive peace in the "washington examiner" where they completely debunked it and showed that the system that was being used was abandoned by cities because it was too complicated and that even the fbi just stopped tabulating time so they started estimating, and now they are finding out when they talk to the victims in terms of things like robberies, it is up 30% rather than down 10%. >> richard: this is from the

2:43 pm

san francisco police department, as well, just so we are clear. >> judge jeanine: here's the problem. the stat reporting is so onerous, the local police are not doing it. first of all, why is everybody leaving california? wire homes down 20% in san francisco? because there is no crime there? everybody is leaving the same state because it is a hell hall, people shooting up and libraries come having sex i libraries and, somebody with a knife and preschoolers right there. let me tell you something, the thing that is wrong with society as we have a bunch of liberal leftist progressives who know nothing. i don't know what makes them think letting criminals out and let them act out their hate and their violence and their sex and their drugs in a public library reduces racism. these people are bonkers. >> jesse: bonkers, i say. dana? >> dana: i mean, if only san francisco could hire a whole bunch of security guards called police and then actually enforce the crimes and reinforce the police in what they do.

2:44 pm

it was one of the great cities of the world. i used to love going there. i know you grew up there and think of it fondly. when you think is going on vacation right now, does it ever enter your mind to think, i would love to go to san francisco? peter, let's go to san francisco. no, we say let's go to nashville, let's go to charleston, maybe we should go to miami, how about key west, dallas. nobody is wanting to take a vacation there. in fact, people are being forced to go to conventions there because they are under contract. look, i hope the librarians get what they want. they deserve to be protected. the other problem is all of these libraries all l across the country, people are not going there to check out "charlotte's web" as i could and he would have it for seven days. sometimes there is internet, free food and drink several times a month. >> jesse: and you can use the restroom for free. >> dana: that's true. >> greg: i don't care if the libraries aren't safe for kids. did you hear that they moved to

2:45 pm

the book "my trans dad can twerk" from the kids section two teens? that's the real crime, dana. i would gladly risk being assaulted then deny my child the right to have a drag queen read "billy likes buttpl*gs." the reduce the attempt to reduce the repressive order -- the militarized response, the false compassion which is directed towards criminality gives way to the reality of lawlessness, which ends up as a police state, a police state does not arrive in a society that has laws. the most lawless countries in the world's are the ones of government-backed machine gunners on every corner. >> judge jeanine: well said. >> jesse: trying to check out a book when a guy is pointing a machine gun at you.

2:46 pm

what book are you going to check out? not greg's beard coming up -- how dare you, richard. get off the set right now. the four most dreaded words you can hear on an airplane. ♪ ♪ you know, i spend a lot of time thinking about dirt. at three in the morning. any time of the day. what people don't know is that not all dirt is the same. you need dirt with the right kind of nutrients. look at this new organic soil from miracle-gro. everybody should have it. it worked great for us. this is as good as gold in any garden. if people only knew that it really is about the dirt. you're a dirt nerd. huge dirt nerd. i'm proud of it! [ryan laughs]

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2:50 pm

♪ ♪ [laughter] >> richard: welcome back. it's the four most dreaded words on a flight: will you switch seats? sadly, these annoying requests are on the rise and they are causing some uncomfortable conversations. dana? >> dana: well, i have a theory about this. >> richard: let's hear it. >> dana: the only other time i asked for this was a peter and i could sit together. i would never ask somebody if they will move unless it is a better deal for them. like are you going to move from a middle seat to an aisle seat if you switch with me? and i will sit with per. that i would do. is it an even trade? you have to take that into account. and also who would i have to sit next to? because of the eating with their mouth open? do they have their shoes off? there is all of that. the other thing is, sometimes you don't need to seat with the people you are traveling with. just put your airpods in and go

2:51 pm

away. sorry, peter. >> richard: greg? >> greg: wow. and you met him on a plane. imagine if you had that same logic. >> dana: i do, i do. i even sat in coach for him. >> greg: this is why only five private. no, i'm kidding. by the way, i am going on a little trip next week for a couple of days, yeah, so this will be on my radar. a little r&r. i will swap seats depending on what they are willing to barter for. do you ever see that movie with robert redford "indecent proposal?" come up with a list of options, and it has to be an upgrade, as you say. this was not going to be -- i'm not trading 50/50, so you are going to have to try really hard to please me. >> richard: judge jeanine? >> judge jeanine: first of all i would never ask anybody if they could trade seats. >> richard: what if they ask you? >> judge jeanine: if they ask me, probably not. >> dana: [laughs] >> judge jeanine: probably

2:52 pm

not. really, there is so much that goes into you are getting a seat, when you decided to get a ticket, you pay more for a particular seat. you pick one ahead of time. and you know, everybody needs to be responsible for themselves. you know, it's like this airplane lunacy is starting to be like road rage. you see people fighting with each other over seats. i just don't like to get involved at all. >> richard: just put your airpods in and ignore. >> judge jeanine: i put my big bose on and reading peer to be when i was on a flight with emma and our two young children and luckily seated away from them. >> judge jeanine: was that planned? >> jesse: m.o. goes ask the guy if he can switch seats, so i disingenuously asked the guy, looked him dead in the eyes and go -- she couldn't see me -- go, would you like to switch seats? [laughter] guy said, sure. you blew it! that was a lovely flight. >> richard: i do think there

2:53 pm

should be a kid section on the plane. >> dana: oh, there is another topic. >> richard: another topic for another day. right now, "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪ s to getting better with age. here's to beating these two every thursday. help fuel today with boost high protein, complete nutrition you need... ...without the stuff you don't. so, here's to now. boost. there are many ways to do things. at old dominion freight line, we do them this way.

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when barbara switched to turbotax... i broke four generations of family tradition... ma, i want to make perfume! ♪ so i made barbara's new side gig count by guaranteeing her maximum refund. intuit turbotax.

2:57 pm

♪ >> dana: time now for "one more thing." look, if new york city doesn't get it together we could end up like australia with our subway system. check out what happened here this horse in sydney australia seen stirring up trouble at the train station. imagine you saw that at the subway. you think you have it bad in new york imagine being in sydney. >> greg: he had a job interview. >> dana: no one pushed that horse in front of the train. did they? new york, look out. judge? >> judge jeanine: to have and to hold. so long as you are holding the right hand. watch this case of mistaken identity out of florida where a new bride exits the wedding hand in hand with her hubby. except the man whose hand she grabs wasn't her hubby.

2:58 pm

>> jesse: they didn't even lookalike. she went back to the actual groom and everyone had a laugh at her expense. it's all on tape. >> they got divorced a year later. >> so many decisions after that. we got a big one, roseanne barr, jack die, emily compagno and tyrus. going to be fun. let's do this. huh? animals are great. >> greg: oh my god, this is great. emperor penguins, cliff diving they all got there and all waiting to go and half of them are terrified jean green why? >> dana: they have to migrate. >> greg: they women asway and like to come back. >> jesse: slow-mo. >> dana: they really belly flop.

2:59 pm

>> greg: this is the aunt articca. not uncle artic can a. >> dana: that's a good one, greg. >> greg: thank you. first of its kind footage took the footage via drone. >> dana: i love it. they got spectacular. >> greg: speaking of drones, dana, look who is next? >> jesse: i will be in fort myers over the weekend. get it together, there we are. come see me at the barnes & noble saturday. i'll sign book and take photos. then we will be in beach haven, new jersey, vero beach, florida. mmend ham new jersey. then yorba linda. kato kaitlin. >> what does he look like now? >> jesse: same exact look. >> judge jeanine: that's 30 years ago. >> jesse: he doesn't age. >> richard: with that hair? >> jesse: same hair. >> dana: you should ask him some secrets for your own. richard? >> what's the farthest you ever

3:00 pm

ran? first person ever to run the entire length of africa. 352 days. the journey was across 16 countries it. came with abundance of challenging, including food poisoning, being robbed at gunpoint it. didn't stop him. he finally made it to the end where folks flew out to run alongside him to the finish line. congratulations, russ. i wouldn't have done it but god bless him. >> judge jeanine: what do his feet look like? >> richard: i don't know e needs a pedicure, i can guarantee it. >> dana: one way to travel. i don't know if i would recommend it but i would recommend watching us tomorrow. we will be here. thanks, that's it for us, everybody. have a great night. >> bret: hey, dana, love the penguins. >> dana: i do too. i love them. >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight growing concern offer con grexal key counter-terrorism tool some lawmakers want big changes before approving the reauthorization bill for fisa

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